Candlelight Paranormal Tour: an epic adventure.

posted Nov 12, 2018, 6:52 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

Chloe Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted November 12th, 2018

Last Friday I went to the Candlelight Paranormal Tour at the History Center of Washington County with a friend.  We went through a tour of the jailhouse and the courthouse. The tour was $15 per person and an hour long, but it was definitely worth it.

The group total was about thirty people, but the tour guides split us into two groups.  My group started at the jailhouse first, which is where the old sheriff would live with his family and the prisoners.  The prisoners committed mostly small crimes such as assault and being drunk. Sometimes there were prisoners that committed major crimes like rape and murder, but this was a rare occurrence.  At the jailhouse we used an EVP recorder and a temperature monitor. In the first couple of rooms, the EVP recorder didn’t monitor anything, and the temperature monitor didn’t change at all. However in the first room, my chest and my friend’s chest started to tighten, which is a sign that there’s a spirit.  In the next room we didn’t feel anything or interact with any spirit. In the following room, the EVP went off when the girl holding it went to the corner of the room. The person with the temperature reader went to the corner of the room then, and the temperature started dropping, which is a sign of a spirit being present.

We then moved to the jail cells, and my friend and I stayed in one cell the whole time, mostly because our chests felt heavy in that cell.  Conveniently, when the EVP girl came around, it immediately started going off. The lady with the temperature monitor came, and the temperature started decreasing again.  I took a couple pictures of the cell and got a few blurry ones, which is a sign of a spirit, and my friend took some videos, capturing some orbs. We went upstairs to some more bedrooms, and I immediately started getting some weird vibes from the little boy’s room. The tour guide tried to get a spirit to communicate with us but it refused. I decided that before we left, I had to take a quick video of the little boy’s room to see if I could get anything. As soon as I started the video, an orb moved across the screen towards me. Immediately everyone else started taking pictures and videos and located the orb on the blanket at the end of the bed. We said goodbye to the ghost and moved to the basement where nothing creepy happened.

The tour guides then switched and we got a tour through the courthouse.  We went to the men’s bathroom, where an old janitor used to spend all of his time.  I didn’t feel anything, but my friend’s chest got heavy, and it was her least favorite part of the tour.  They showed us the rest of the building, and throughout, I kept feeling like something was watching or following us even though nothing was visible.  They played some audio clips for us that very clearly had spirit voices present.

Honestly, this was probably the best night of my life.  They also do architecture tours, and there’s a museum in the courthouse, so I suggest just going for fun!

Is Elon Musk in trouble?

posted Nov 2, 2018, 4:28 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Andrew Davis, Entertainment Editor

Posted November 2nd, 2018

Elon Musk is one of the world’s leading individuals when it comes to technology, innovation, and philanthropy.  He revolutionized money with PayPal, and he introduced cheaper, more efficient rockets to the world through SpaceX; however, the company most in the news today is Tesla Motors, a car manufacturer set on creating fully-electric cars that can be purchased by the masses.  Tesla Motors is currently engaged in a very ambitious plan to ramp up production of their new, cost-effective automobile, the Model 3. Tesla will be releasing its quarter three earnings on November 7th which will determine if this plan is looking successful. Until then, there is much news about Tesla and Elon Musk to mull over.

These last several weeks have had several major blows to the company and the pride of its owner.  On September 27th, the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) sued Musk for a tweet put out on August 7th in which he stated that he would be “taking the company [Tesla] private at $420.”  This was viewed by most as a joke referencing drugs and specifically cannabis. However, it drove the price of Tesla’s stock up 11% and was deemed to be an illegal business move. Musk will be facing a several million dollar fine, and perhaps even more humiliating, his removal from the position as the chairman of Tesla’s board.  To make matters worse, Elon Musk physically smoked what appeared to be Marijuana on a live interview on September 7, 2018, which led to a 7% dip in Tesla’s stock (ticker TSLA). TSLA is currently at the lowest price it has been in the last 6 months. Although there is much confusion over Musk’s reasoning for such erratic decisions in these last few months, one thing remains certain.  If Tesla can display outstanding Quarter Three results, the company as a whole will pull through.

The Pros and Cons of an Internship

posted Oct 26, 2018, 4:45 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Chloe Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted October 26th, 2018

I’ve recently started an internship instead of taking an average class and it’s one of the best decisions of my life! Here I list the pros and cons to doing an internship. My internship is at the middle school with a seventh grade teacher, Mr. Walter, because I want to be either a middle or high school teacher for my career.

The best pro is the learning experience. Doing this internship helped me confirm that yes, I do want to be a teacher. That’s the main purpose of the internship. Another pro is that it’ll help colleges and scholarships see I am confident with my choice as a career and I’m doing things to prepare for it. The last pro is that you get to see the behind-the-scenes of the career you’ll be going into. For instance, I get to see the lesson plans and how teachers decide who to focus on and interact with.

A con is the hours. You have to get around forty hours a month, but they’re flexible with that. However, in an instance like teaching, schools are only open on weekdays and the hours end when school ends. Another con is that it takes a while to get used to it. Doing an internship is very realistic and an adult-like thing to do, so it takes a while to handle and get used to.

Those are the pros and cons! I would 10/10 recommend doing an internship if you have an idea of what you want to get into for a career. It’s an amazing learning experience.

Submit entries now for Nite Crier Costume Contest

posted Oct 26, 2018, 4:38 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Andrew Davis, Entertainment Editor

Posted October 26th, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and of course, costumes.  This upcoming week, compete against friends and fellow classmates in the Nite Crier Halloween Costume Contest. Submit pictures of your best costume to the Nite Crier’s email - - by November 1st and win big money!  The person with the best costume will receive a $30 Rookery gift card, while second and third place will receive $15 and $10 Rookery gift cards respectively.  Who will be the king or queen of spooky month? Visit the Nite Crier at to find out!

DECA’s Trick or Can is here again!

posted Oct 25, 2018, 4:43 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted October 25th, 2018

This article is based on an e-interview I conducted with DECA member Alex Drifka about DECA’s Trick or Can:

Who is in charge of Trick or Can? Who can participate?

Alex:DECA is leading Trick Or Can, it is an annual fundraiser that we hold as an organization to raise canned goods and nonperishable foods for the Slinger Food Pantry. Students in Mrs. Smessaert Intro to Marketing class are required to participate in this event for credits. All DECA members are encouraged to participate as well. “

What is Trick or Can?

Alex: Trick Or Can has a really great system of not making it awkward when going door to door to fundraise for the food pantry. A week or so before Trick or Treat is in your neighborhood, you go to each of the houses and place a plastic bag on the mailbox of each house with a flyer inside describing the details of the event. Then when Trick or Treat comes around, you go door to door collecting each of these bags that will be filled with canned goods. Everyone will be out and about doing trick or treat so you won’t feel awkward going around your neighborhood fundraising.”

Why did DECA decide to do this?

Alex:This idea originated with the Wisconsin State DECA organization. They made it an initiative to begin fundraising towards local food pantries around Wisconsin. They extended this initiative to all the chapters of Wisconsin.”

When will Trick or Can happen? How long has it been happening for?

Alex:“Trick or Can will go on during all of the trick or treats in each neighborhood in the local area. We have been doing Trick or Can for about six years now I believe.”

Where will Trick or Can take place?

Alex:“Trick or Can will take place in all of the neighborhoods around this area. Each student will be able to choose a neighborhood to do their part in participating in Trick or Can!”

Alex’s Ending Message:

“This is an amazing fundraiser, and it would be amazing to have all of the community members to help our DECA chapter in raising lots of canned goods and nonperishable food items for the Slinger Food Pantry!”

Homecoming Parade 2018 (Photo Essay)

posted Oct 15, 2018, 4:58 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Katherine Alder, Staff Writer
Posted October 15th, 2018

SHS Marching Band marches during Homecoming Parade.

Homecoming court members Alyna Reiter and Hruz Wagner greet spectators.
Addison's Dance Team shows off their Owl spirit.
Oriowls swim team participates in the 2018 Homecoming parade.
Slinger's FFA participating in the Homecoming parade.
SHS Equestrian team walks past St. Peter's church during the 2018  Homecoming Parade. 
Homecoming King, Charlie Covert and Queen, Kortni Elliott enjoy their slick ride during the parade. 

Feminist Club advocates for equality of the sexes

posted Oct 2, 2018, 7:12 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Chloe Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted October 2nd, 2018

The Feminist Club started last year in May, and there was only one meeting before the school year ended. The president and founder of the club is me, Chloe Schmidt, and the advisor for the club is Ms. Lofy. To find out if this would be a fun club for you, read on!

The Feminist Club was created to help combat the negative views people have about feminism. The definition of feminism, according to Google, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. This club is here to support the definition of the word and help the fight for equal rights!

In this club there are plans to do many fun activities such as hiring a personal defense instructor, learning about different projects surrounding feminism, watching movies that discuss empowerment, and talking about topics that involve feminism. There’s even plans to get T-shirts!

There are no requirements to join the Feminist club, just show up in Ms. Lofy’s room (room 127) at the day and time of the meeting and there will be a sign up sheet. Listen to the announcements to hear when the first meeting is.

Commerce is alive and well at the Rookery

posted Sep 20, 2018, 7:28 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted September 20th, 2018

Hey guys and gals. This monograph is about Slinger High School’s very own: The Rookery. This year’s lineup for staff members are: Mrs. Smessaert as the Lead Supervisor, Alex Drifka, Joshua Roddy, Anna Richardson, Emily Becker, and Owen Zaskowski as acting Managers.  For all you freshman out there, let me tell you about The Rookery. The Rookery is a school based store where students are given the opportunity to work in a modern-business environment. It basically provides you with local apparel and merchandise. So many goods to purchase, but what’s for sale? You will find an item that can go under 3 categories: Hardware, Apparel, and Snacks.


Your purchase options for hardware items are as follows: there are water bottles, car decals, mugs, and pint glasses.


For clothing, The Rookery has got the whole family covered from the summer to the winter.  Your options are sweatshirts, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and athletic wear.

They also include beanies, scarves, and socks.


I bet you crave a good chocolate chip cookie every once in awhile, right? Well are you in luck! Otis Spunkmeyer’s chocolate chip cookies are currently available at the Rookery. They are baked fresh every ninth hour. Other snacks include fruit gummies, gum, mints and a variety of chips. To drink they have water bottles and gatorade.


Now, for the most important part of the article, is the new findings in The Rookery. The hardware is updated with new onesies for babies, sherpa blankets, and new brand apparel by Jordan.  They also have long chairs and stuffed owls. For snacks they now offer Uncrustable sandwiches and Capri-sun juice pouches.

Managerial Statements

Want to know what The Rookery is like for the student managers? Take it from these two:

“I enjoy being able to provide students with top-notch apparel. My favorite part is watching all the hard work pay off and seeing students wearing our hand-picked clothing.”

-Anna Richardson, Student Manager

“I enjoy the atmosphere created by the wonderful students. I also admire the comfort the store provides. I feel like I’m at home.”

-Alex Drifka, Student Manager

If you’ve made it this far, you’re now ready to start shopping at The Rookery. Have a wonderful shopping experience!

German Department inducts Delta Epsilon Phi members and awards scholarships

posted Jun 8, 2018, 6:57 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

German students inducted into Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor Society (Photos provided by Frau Guth-Degner)

By: Andrew Davis, Staff Writer

Posted June 8th, 2018

As the Slinger school year comes to a close, students of various subjects are being rewarded for the dedication and hard work they have put in.  This is the case for several students who have received honorable inductions and scholarships for their involvement with the German courses offered here at Slinger.  

This year, seven, or as German students would say, “sieben,” students were accepted into the Wisconsin Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor Society by its advisor Frau Erika Guth-Degner.  These new members include Rachel Muhl, Kyrsten Faga, Lydia Wojcieszak, Katie Gresser, John Steinbach, Mitchell Erdmann, and Joshua Keagle. Membership to Delta Epsilon Phi is by invitation alone, and by being selected for this honor, these students are being recognized for their devotion to learning and mastering finer aspects of both the German language and culture.  Eligible students must carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in High School as well as a 3.6 GPA in German. To show their association with the German National Honor Society, members will wear a braided cord of the German colors at graduation.

Another form of recognition for German students comes in the granting of scholarships.  Slinger seniors received scholarships in the amount of $200 or $225 to be used to continue their German studies at the post-high school level.  These seniors included Samuel Friedemann, Alex Muhl, Benjamin Pardon and Rebecca Rodenkirch. All of these winners are also members of Delta Epsilon Phi, the German high school national honor society.

The various awards handed out annually to the German students at Slinger is a tribute to the great foreign language option offered here and the fantastic teacher that lead these classes.  The sole German teacher, Frau Erika Guth-Degner, has been with Slinger for 39 years, during which, she has taken charge of the German program at Slinger High School. Students of Frau Guth-Degner all talk about how charismatic and devoted she is to her pupils and the German language.  On more than a few occasions, students of her class would leave the room singing “Schnitzelbank” or other classic German tunes. Frau Guth-Degner is an excellent teacher at Slinger, and her students and the school as a whole will be sad to see her retire at the end of this year.

Seniors receive German based scholarships (Photos provided by Frau Guth-Degner)

Nuclear summit in peril: Will North Korea and the United States meet?

posted Jun 1, 2018, 11:26 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Andrew Davis, Staff Writer

Posted June 1st, 2018

There is much confusion around the world as to the status of the acclaimed United States - North Korea Summit scheduled to occur on June 12th of this year.  Just last Thursday, the 24th of May, President Trump sent a formal letter to North Korean President Kim Jong Un in which he backed out of the summit on grounds that Korea was exhibiting “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent statements directed towards the United States of America.  Many believed this move by Trump to be a dealing tactic that would secure better bargaining grounds for the United States while retaining a strong hand against an unpredictable dictator. The move worked, and since this last weekend, North Korea has taken up a defensive position thus giving Trump the opportunity to reverse the cancellation.  There are currently closed door discussions occurring around the clock to hammer out an agenda should the meeting be reopened. Major topics of such a summit would be the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the removal of sanctions on the North Korean government, and the planning of future meetings. Although there is still much planning to do and much contention to overcome, the pieces are set for what might become a historic date for the United States, North Korea, and the world as a whole.  

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