German Department inducts Delta Epsilon Phi members and awards scholarships

posted Jun 8, 2018, 6:57 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

German students inducted into Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor Society (Photos provided by Frau Guth-Degner)

By: Andrew Davis, Staff Writer

Posted June 8th, 2018

As the Slinger school year comes to a close, students of various subjects are being rewarded for the dedication and hard work they have put in.  This is the case for several students who have received honorable inductions and scholarships for their involvement with the German courses offered here at Slinger.  

This year, seven, or as German students would say, “sieben,” students were accepted into the Wisconsin Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor Society by its advisor Frau Erika Guth-Degner.  These new members include Rachel Muhl, Kyrsten Faga, Lydia Wojcieszak, Katie Gresser, John Steinbach, Mitchell Erdmann, and Joshua Keagle. Membership to Delta Epsilon Phi is by invitation alone, and by being selected for this honor, these students are being recognized for their devotion to learning and mastering finer aspects of both the German language and culture.  Eligible students must carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in High School as well as a 3.6 GPA in German. To show their association with the German National Honor Society, members will wear a braided cord of the German colors at graduation.

Another form of recognition for German students comes in the granting of scholarships.  Slinger seniors received scholarships in the amount of $200 or $225 to be used to continue their German studies at the post-high school level.  These seniors included Samuel Friedemann, Alex Muhl, Benjamin Pardon and Rebecca Rodenkirch. All of these winners are also members of Delta Epsilon Phi, the German high school national honor society.

The various awards handed out annually to the German students at Slinger is a tribute to the great foreign language option offered here and the fantastic teacher that lead these classes.  The sole German teacher, Frau Erika Guth-Degner, has been with Slinger for 39 years, during which, she has taken charge of the German program at Slinger High School. Students of Frau Guth-Degner all talk about how charismatic and devoted she is to her pupils and the German language.  On more than a few occasions, students of her class would leave the room singing “Schnitzelbank” or other classic German tunes. Frau Guth-Degner is an excellent teacher at Slinger, and her students and the school as a whole will be sad to see her retire at the end of this year.

Seniors receive German based scholarships (Photos provided by Frau Guth-Degner)

Nuclear summit in peril: Will North Korea and the United States meet?

posted Jun 1, 2018, 11:26 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Andrew Davis, Staff Writer

Posted June 1st, 2018

There is much confusion around the world as to the status of the acclaimed United States - North Korea Summit scheduled to occur on June 12th of this year.  Just last Thursday, the 24th of May, President Trump sent a formal letter to North Korean President Kim Jong Un in which he backed out of the summit on grounds that Korea was exhibiting “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent statements directed towards the United States of America.  Many believed this move by Trump to be a dealing tactic that would secure better bargaining grounds for the United States while retaining a strong hand against an unpredictable dictator. The move worked, and since this last weekend, North Korea has taken up a defensive position thus giving Trump the opportunity to reverse the cancellation.  There are currently closed door discussions occurring around the clock to hammer out an agenda should the meeting be reopened. Major topics of such a summit would be the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the removal of sanctions on the North Korean government, and the planning of future meetings. Although there is still much planning to do and much contention to overcome, the pieces are set for what might become a historic date for the United States, North Korea, and the world as a whole.  

Abbie Schmidt says goodbye to the Nite Crier

posted Jun 1, 2018, 4:46 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Abbie Schmidt Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted June 1st, 2018

I’ve been a member of the Nite Crier for the past 4 years. When I started, the Nite Crier was still a paper newspaper, with editors being in charge of setting up the layout in addition to editing pieces. Since then, a lot has changed. Now, we have the online version, with the possibility of updating every day. It’s been great to see the Nite Crier transform in front of my eyes. I was able to be a Co-Editor for the past two years and have been able to help improve the writing of others. I’m happy that my sister will be taking over my role next year as a Co-Editor and know she still has a lot to learn. I hope the Nite Crier continues to change and improve for many years to come.

Korey Alder reflects on his time with the Nite Crier

posted Jun 1, 2018, 4:43 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Korey Alder, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted June 1st, 2018

As the school year and my time as an editor at the Nite Crier comes to an end, I’d like to send a huge thank you to the people who have made this publication possible, and made it an enjoyable organization to be a part of. Thanks first to everyone on the staff, who have always been pleasant and helpful, and make our early morning meetings a little easier. Also many thanks to Mr. Wolf, who has spent his personal time and money on many occasions to help our paper along. And of course, we can't forget our readers, who make the whole thing worthwhile. Thanks to all of you, and good luck to everyone in the future!

Robby Timmler signs off on his Nite Crier career

posted Jun 1, 2018, 4:38 AM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 4:41 AM ]

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted June 1st, 2018

Being a part of the Nite Crier allowed me to express my passion for film. I’m proud to say that I posted weekly and that I never ran out of ideas for what movies to review. I have reviewed plenty of movies. Most of them good, some okay, and some just plain bad. I am glad that I helped in making the Nite Crier what it is today not just through my movie reviews, but through my participation in the different fundraisers and after school events. I would like to thank the Nite Crier for all the good times.

Students receive scholarships at Awards Night

posted May 31, 2018, 4:43 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

Chelsea Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted May 31st, 2018

What better way to honor the dedicated students of Slinger High School and their scholarship donors than through Awards Night at Slinger High School. On May 16th, at 7pm, students were recognized for various scholarships. Mr. Sievers proudly announced student’s names, along with other guests from colleges and local organization that gave out scholarships.

The amount of scholarship money given out ranged from a couple hundred up to thousands of dollars! Packets were handed out that listed scholarship recipients and amounts, that included ones from inside and outside the ceremony. By glancing through it, you could see just how many seniors won. What’s even more amazing was that some people even won more than one!

This is an opportunity to show that with great effort in and outside of school, you can truly be rewarded. As a graduating senior, some advice I give to those out there who will still attend high school is don’t wait till the last minute to try new things. Join a club, volunteer in your community, play a sport. It’s experiences that help you better understand your full-potential, and you never know, you just might be able to win a scholarship!

We must thank our high school for organizing this event, who made it possible for students and families to gather in recognition. May these scholarships guide these students a step closer toward achieving their dreams.

2018 Senior Wills

posted May 29, 2018, 4:29 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

I, Alexandrea DuPont, will Jonathan Loff my Sketchy Meme Attitude and Sense of Impending Doom. I know you will cherish the Meme Father (bAD tOucH), the Meme Son (You), and the Meme Ghost (Okonkwo, Yam God), hopefully more than I ever could. I pass these duties to you, along with my Questionable Ethics, with a light heart. M.E.M.E. (May Every Moment Excite).

I, Alexandrea DuPont, will Hana Schwonek and Ryan Hornung Mr. Hamm's TA chairs. I know that you will fulfill the responsibilities of The Chairs. "Cut once, pray twice." -Okonkwo, Yam God.

I, Nicole Carlson, will Brianna Goldner Mr. Hamm’s TA desk.

I, Nora Martin, will Kate Hill the front passenger seat in Mr. Gundrum’s van, the passenger seat in Gundrum's van that I have sat in the past three years. This seat is the best seat in the house when going on road trips! This seat also has a lot of memories for me. Kate, as one of the newest presidents, you deserve this seat. Make sure to enjoy the little moments on the road trips as those are the best ones and the ones I remember most!

I, Matthew Benedum, will The True Spirit of a Cronie to Jonah (Joni) Jagielski. This is the spirit that gives all cronies a meaning to life.  It gives strength, courage, and dexterity. It gives the power to defeat the anti-cronie.  With it, anything is possible. Joni, as head cronie, you already have unlimited power, but unfortunately you will be losing three of your main cronies after this year.  So the least I could do was give you the rest of my power, with which you can use to assemble more cronies. This doesn't mean I am no longer a cronie, I will still be performing cronie duties on the regular, and I will still show up to regularly scheduled cronie meetings.  However, I will not be able to best serve you as I have in the past. Live strong and live forever as a head cronie. Joni Cronies 4 Life!
- Sincerely, Matthew, Jacob, and Avery

I, Phillip Steenbekkers, will Tobias Hill-Hernandez the title of Tenor Section Leader, the hard task of keeping all the men in line and showing them how to be a great singer by your example. You might not be able to pound out pitches, but neither could I. The fact that this is the second time you've been willed this says a lot about you Toby. There'll be some rowdy kids and it might get very difficult, but keep a level head and don't stop singing. Good luck.

I, Tyler Evans, will Ethan Szamocki the title of King Owl: the name of King Owl and all the hooplah that comes with it, also the #10 in football. Use it well kiddo. It can be the greatest gift or the worst nightmare.

I, Sarah Hardt, will the position as teacher annoyer to Shellie Becker. This job is to annoy all of the teachers you have for classes. Feel free to make yourself as annoying as possible.

I, Rachel Kania, will the position of leader to Danielle Shomler. The leader position is of the special ed class since I won’t be there. You can do it.

I, Katie Jacques, will Chamber Pearls to Megan Michaelchuck. I will my pearls to you as a passing of a torch. Megan Chicon willed me hers, now I will them to you. You will keep on doing great things and have an amazing senior year next year.

I, Brady Hattori, will the position as Slinger High School's Student Council President to Jane Schaub. This position takes great leadership skills and you will do amazing things next year!

I, Katy Dano, will Izzy Draxler the future title of dance captain, the responsibility of keeping love so soft warm ups alive and whipping the cast into dancing shape. Izzy you have a bright future and I hope in future musicals you take your talent and share it. I’m very proud of you and can’t wait to see your future accomplishments. You’re gonna do great things kid.

I, Nora Martin, will the Science Olympiad Presidency and the responsibility of leading the organization to Kate Hill, Taylor Hopkins, and Megan Horinek. You all deserved this role one hundred percent. Make sure to keep on top of things, and you will do great! I don't think there are better people to be the presidents, and I can't wait to hear all the great things you and the club do!

I, Elly Johnson, will #1 singles position on the SHS tennis team to Jessi Lambo. This position requires leadership and responsibility, as well as the ability to deal with pressure. It’s your turn to set an example, even if you won’t be a senior yet! I know you will make me proud!

I, Robby Timmler, will the Entertainment Section of the Nite Crier to Anyone Worthy. Responsibility for keeping the Entertainment Section full of Movie Reviews. Whoever writes a movie review, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Mr. Movie.

I, Becca Rodenkirch, will the head drum major position and marching band to Evan Sievers. You have worked so hard for this spot, and I’m so proud to hand it down to you. This position has its up and its downs, but it will be the highlight of your senior year. You will learn so much this coming year, and I hope it is as fun for you as it was for me! And at times, your arms may feel like they will fall off, but you’ll get through it. Always remember your pride, dedication, and commitment. Evan, you will do great things as the leader of Slinger High School’s marching band. Good luck.

Clash of the Classes 2018: A competition to remember.

posted May 25, 2018, 1:18 PM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated May 31, 2018, 4:39 AM ]

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer
Updated May 31st, 2018

The results are in, and this year’s Clash of the Classes champion is the Juniors! What a spectacular performance on Friday! Of the multiple competitions, the Juniors dominated in Skin the Snake, Marshmallow Drop, Musical Chairs, and Tug of War. Shout out to Charles Covert for his unrelenting strength in Tug of War. He is truly a force to be reckoned with. The contests ended with the teacher of the year award. The award for best teacher went to English teacher Mr. Strand! On behalf of all the students at Slinger High School, we would like to thank the staff, Mr. Ourada, and Mr. Sievers for making Clash of the Classes all possible.

YouTube Video

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YouTube Video

Construction moving along at Slinger High School

posted May 25, 2018, 4:51 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By:  Korey Alder, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Posted May 25th, 2018

Construction on the high school auditorium and surrounding classrooms is coming along nicely, with some main developments having happened since our last update. Most notably, the large crane has been removed to make way for work on the parking lot, and work has continued in other areas as well. Work will be starting soon for the new fitness area and STEM sections.

When talking with Superintendent Daren Sievers about the status of the project, he seemed quite happy with the progress and was confident that everything would be finished on schedule.

“Things are going great,” he said. “Band and choir areas are open and operational. The auditorium will be done in late July, with tech and fine tuning in August.”

He added that the STEM areas and fitness center should be finished in late August.

The entire project is set to be finished by early September, with a community open house and concert on September 10th from 6PM to 9PM, showcasing the finished additions.

Transportation, water and community at the Slinger High School’s History and Culture Night.

posted May 25, 2018, 4:49 AM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated May 25, 2018, 7:15 AM ]

Social Studies teacher Nate Grimm introduces the student's projects at the 2018 Slinger High School History and Culture Night.

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted May 25th, 2018

Slinger High School’s History and Culture Night, on Wednesday, was a night to show off the arts and science of Slinger in the different construction and art projects along with information on different businesses. There was a presentation on the many local businesses and their impact on the community. The night focused mainly on how construction and industry had impacted Slinger and how it came to be. There was a nice video presentation by Megan Mack on the construction and trades culture.

The audience learns about the various research projects done by students for the History and Culture Night.

(L-R): State Assemblymen Rick Gundrum, Senior Meghan Mack, and State Senator Duey Stroebel meet to view Meghan's video on the Kenosha Civil War Museum.

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