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Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner communicate with aliens in Arrival

posted Nov 29, 2016, 1:26 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted November 29th, 2016

Arrival is the story of linguist Dr.Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams) who is recruited by Colonel Weber (play by Forest Whitaker) to help decode the discussions between his team and the aliens that have landed on Earth. Banks is also accompanied by scientist and mathematician Ian Donnelly (played by Jeremy Renner) who helps (using math and science) to decode the aliens’ messages. This leads to the question of why the aliens are on Earth and how it will affect the human race.

Arrival is a smart, intriguing, and thought-provoking film. Arrival is a slow burning Sci-fi film like Close Encounter of the Third Kind and Contact. Arrival is a very visual movie with great camera work and visual effects. The only thing about Arrival that might turn people off is that it's kind of slow and has no action scenes in it. Arrival gets a 4 out of 5 stars.