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Fall Fever (a poem)

posted Sep 29, 2016, 12:14 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Mariah Flynn, Staff Writer

Posted September 29th, 2016

From one color to another you morph,

Starting as a little bud in the spring.

With your leaves all curled up,

Like the tip of a paintbrush dipped in water.

Then rays of sun hit your delicate little self,

Coaxing, tempting you open to the delicious light.

When you emerge from your slumber,

Your leaves a brilliant green, shinning with refreshed energy.

All through the blistering summer you last,

Young kids playing under your shadow.

Soon they no longer frolic under your protection,

With your branches drooping, you see them go, never to come back.

A chill starts to stir in the north,

Like a warning, saying, “winter is coming”.

It starts to move, blowing around like a whirlwind.

It reaches you, a blanket of ice.

Your beautiful green leaves start to change,

To colors you have never seen before.

Deep reds, bright oranges and vibrant yellows,

Give way to dark browns and curly edges.

At last the time has come,

Your leaves starting to shrivel,

Decaying on your branches.

The breath from Mother Nature,

Cold and unforgiving,

Comes to gather your leaves,

Leaving you bare in the coming winter.