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Go on one last ride with Wolverine in Logan

posted Mar 8, 2017, 7:50 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted March 8th, 2017

Set in the year 2029, Logan--also known as the Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman)--has aged and is healing slower than he has in the past, due to aforementioned age. Logan spends most his time driving a limo and traveling to his home in Mexico, where he takes care of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X (played by Sir Patrick Stewart), who has aged as well and has therefore lost control of his power when not medicated. Logan is helped by Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant), who can smell mutants and can’t be in the sunlight, or else he burns. While driving his limo, Logan is called to pick up a lady named Gabriela (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez) and a little girl named Laura (played by Dafne Keen). Gabriela tells Logan that she needs his help to get Laura to Edna in North Dakota where she will be safe from Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook), head mercenary of the Transigen company where Gabriela formerly worked. The company had experimented in making kids into mutant soldiers, and when the project was suddenly shut down, and the kids were going to be killed off. Gabriela secretly stepped in and rescued them all. Logan doesn’t want to help at first, but Gabriela pays him and he accepts it, for the money is going to a boat Logan is going to buy, so that he and Charles can escape to the sea and away from humanity. These plans however get complicated when Logan goes to pick up Gabriela and finds her dead. So it’s up to Logan and Charles to take Laura to North Dakota before Pierce gets to them.

Logan is the last time that actor Hugh Jackman is going to play Wolverine and they sure went out with a bang. The action is gritty and intense--very much worth the R-rating--and fans can finally see the Wolverine use his claws to shred guys apart. The acting is great from Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, and new comer Dafne Keen, who is great at playing Laura, who’s basically an animal made for war, but is still very innocent. The film shows how Logan is a pessimist and is balanced by Charles optimism. The weakness of Logan is that the action doesn’t get that creative and just shows guys getting stabbed brutally, which is somewhat entertaining the first few times, but it gets tiring after a while. Logan gets 8/10 stars.