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Halloween Classic Movie Reviews: The night gets hairy in The Wolf Man (1941)

posted Oct 30, 2017, 7:00 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted October 30th, 2017

The Wolf Man (1941) is the story of Larry Talbot (played by Lon Chaney) who comes home to his father John Talbot (played by Claude Rains). While in town, Larry sees a pretty girl named Gwen (played by Evelyn Ankers) who is engaged, but invites Larry to take her to Bela the fortune teller (played by Bela Lugosi). While they’re there, Larry hears a scream and sees that someone is being attacked by a wolf. Larry comes to the rescue, takes out the wolf, but gets bit in the process. The next day, Bela is found dead and Larry’s cane was lying right next to him. Larry starts to turn hairy and becomes the wolf man. Police find another dead body and suspect that a wolf is out killing people. When Larry hears this, he suspects that he’s the Wolf Man and goes out to  find a cure to save him from himself.

The Wolf Man (1941) is an entertaining flick. The acting is good like Lon Chaney as the Wolf Man, who is torn between the human and animal inside himself. The makeup is  haunting makes the Wolf Man come to live. The weakness of the film is that some of the side characters are bland or one note. The Wolf Man (1941) gets 8/10 stars.