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Killjoys: The TV show to watch this summer.

posted Jun 2, 2017, 6:36 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

Korey Alder, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Posted June 2nd, 2017

Summer is right around the corner, so you’ll likely be faced with a bit more free time over the coming months. If you looking for an exciting and unique TV series to kill some time (or binge-watch), look no further than Killjoys, a sci-fi reminiscent of Firefly but - good news - it lasts more than half a season!

Killjoys, which first aired in 2015 on the SyFy channel, is a dark space-themed drama which follows the exploits of a three person team of bounty hunters. The show is somewhat creative in the fact that, unlike most science fiction works, the story is set in a single, 4-planet system named the Quad. Rather than including hundreds of different worlds, governments, and peoples, Killjoys expands greatly on a few different cultures, showing how intricate the society of a even single world can be. This creates the underlying premise behind the series, which has to do with the political turmoil between the elite landowners (although they call themselves the “company,” they are more like a royal family) and the peasants who work for them.

Thankfully, however, while the political structure of the Quad drives the overarching plot, it is not the focus episode to episode. The bounty hunters, as part of the Quad’s semi-legitimate police force RAC, must follow through on various arrest warrants, taking them to different areas to fight criminals. What they don’t realize is that a malicious figure is controlling the RAC, and they have a past connection with the lead character, Dutch.

This show has just enough action to keep things exciting, without comprising on story, background, and world-building. Overall, this is a great series, and with short, 10-episode seasons, you can even watch a season every day if you’re dedicated (though I can’t recommend it)!