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Nite Crier Poetry and Artwork Contest Submission: Ben Bernard (Poetry)

posted May 19, 2017, 11:06 AM by Jeffrey Wolf
A fallen Soldier

C.W.Rhetorical Poem

​Captain Benny Hayes

A dying helpless

on the floor of Wall Street.

Weary lost of hope.

Mustered courage, and accepted destiny.

To this point, someone

shouted against the wind of change.

Felt by all who sensed the importance.

"To death do us part of the

purpose to which we,

the united, stand for justice".

The chant began, as

​Captain Benny Hayes

was dragged away,

and cuffed, once dying helpless on

the floor of Wall Street.

Captain benny Hayes has ​fallen,

bruised ego, matching skinned knees,

lays helpless. Who will save them now. They have

Not a single soul to help them

“Oh ​Captain Benny Hayes Where

Are you now?

“We need you”