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Nite Crier Poetry and Artwork Contest Submission: Sarah Loff (Poetry)

posted May 19, 2017, 4:40 AM by Jeffrey Wolf


By Sarah Loff

The sun will always rise,

But it must also set.

And so is the story of life,

All with beginnings and ends.

Try to relax dear,

Try not to fret,

When change is upon us,

We must accept it.

Why should you cry child?

What are these tears?

It is not as though you will ever forget

These long and cherished years.

The echo of laughs,

The memory of smiles,

They shall always be with you,

Even after traveling many miles.

Friendships that are made,

Friendships that are broke,

They will all have a special place in your heart,

A place that's called home.

Clear your face now dear,

Be in no dismay,

Pay heed to what I've said,

And pay heed to what I say.

Though the sun may set at night,

And all may seem lost,

It will come again, bright and bold,

And you will see it to be true,

All that I've told.