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Sounds of the school day

posted Sep 27, 2016, 6:57 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Megan Cichon, Entertainment Editor

Posted September 27th, 2016

That bleeping alarm clock is going off again

Water is running over your hands and dribbling into the porcelain sink

The bus is pulling up, and the squealing brakes still haven’t been fixed

Passengers are shouting stories and homework answers over the roar of the engine

Now you’re at school and lockers are slamming quite violently

Students are still telling stories. Still sharing answers.

There’s a test in math, and all you hear are pencils moving on the papers

In band, the teacher is demonstrating how to play that triplet on his trumpet

An essay is due tomorrow and you’re in the computer lab. The keyboards are clicking like crazy

Midway through mating fruit flies in biology, a girl screams because one flew away

The lunchroom is packed full of noisy students. Who are still telling stories. Stills sharing answers

Study hall in the library is dead silent. You could hear a pin drop--if the floor wasn’t carpet

In social studies, your teacher spends all hour discussing the finer points of the Supreme Court

The gym is filled with sweaty people, panting, jumping rope, and lifting weights

The brakes on your bus still haven’t been repaired

Students are still tellings stories. Sharing answers. They’ll never run out of things to discuss

Homework tonight takes all of three hours--hours filled with your growling stomach

Dinner is exquisite compared to the school’s lunch and you scrape every scrap off the plate

The shower is a blissful escape. The drops pitter like rain against the walls

You climb into bed. It’s the one time of day that the world is really, truly, silent