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The Dragon Warrior is Back for More in the New Sequel Kung Fu Panda 3

posted Mar 30, 2016, 8:46 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted January 31st, 2016

Po the Panda is back to kicking butt and eating dumplings along with the Furious Five and Master Shifu, until the villain Kai ( played by J.K. Simmons) starts causing trouble in China. Kai has the ability to take the Chi of any Kung Fu Master and make himself stronger. Also we meet Li (played by Bryan Cranston), who turns out to be Po’s father and leader of the Pandas.To stop Kai, Po must learn to use Chi from Li, since pandas were the ones that were the teacher of Chi. From there we see the blooming relationship between Po and Li and Po learning what it means to be a panda. Kung Fu Panda 3 has great animation, Kung Fu fighting, and a lesson on learning where your family roots are and what they mean.