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The story behind the Horse Soldiers is told in 12 Strong

posted Jan 23, 2018, 12:43 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted January 23rd, 2018

12 Strong is the true story about Captain Mitch Nelson (played by Chris Hemsworth) who the day after of 9/11 is shipped out with 11 other men to meet up with General Dostum (played by Navid Negahban) an Afghan warlord, who hates the Taliban and has joined the Americans to help in their fight to take down the Taliban down for good. Nelson’s mission is to call air strikes on Taliban targets and take away the Taliban’s muscle in Afghanistan. This mission is not easy because Nelson’s crew has to go up against tanks with horses and with the Taliban getting constant supplies, it is a hard  battle fought against terrorism.

12 Strong is a inspiring war film that tells a story that has never told before. The acting is great, especially from all the actors playing the squadron of 12 that are on a mission to protect America and make it back home alive. The action sequences are thrilling and shows the disadvantage that Nelson’s team had against the Taliban. The story is fascinating in the relationship between Nelson and Dostum, the U.S. troops trying to stay alive in a dangerous place, and the amount of pressure riding on this mission to be successful. The weakness of the film is that some of the dialogue is cheesy and somewhat unrealistic. 12 Strong gets 8.5/10 stars.