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The Top Ten Movies of 2017

posted Jan 9, 2018, 4:35 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted January 9th, 2018

As the year comes to a close, let's look back on the best of film in the year 2017. This list is made up of what I think is the best of the best in 2017. Just to note I didn’t see all the films this year like The Disaster Artist, Get Out, or The Shape of Water. As I will not count films that I reviewed in January, but were released in December like La La Land and Fences, which I truly highly recommend to anyone looking for a great movie to watch.

10)Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The characters and actions is great, along with the chemistry between Luke and Rey. While the Resistance subplot is intense, it does feel a pointless in the end.

9)Logan: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafne Keen are great together and bring their characters to live. The action is gritty and intense, but the reason that Wolverine is slowing dying isn’t explained, so the audience doesn’t know why or how he’s dying.

8)Lego Batman: The comedy is great with all the reference to anything pop culture, Batman, and the other DC characters. The characters are fantastic together and have great comic timing. The animation goes hand and hand with the comedy and compliments it. The only weakness of the film is that the story has been done in other Batman stories, so it’s something that isn’t new.

7)American Made: The story is interesting and intense how crazy the story gets. Tom Cruise is great as Barry Seal and shows that he still has range as an actor. While the film does show Barry interacting with his family, the audience doesn’t get a true feel of Barry’s relationship with his family.

6)Thor Ragnarok: The action and comedy are great. The characters chemistry and comic timing together enhances the film. The villain is a big threat and different from the other villains in the MCU. The weakness of the film is that the Hulk gets less screen time in the second half compared to the first half.

5)Kingsman: The Golden Cycle: The action and characters are extremely cool and a little crazy. The story is interesting in their take on drugs in America. The weakness of the film is that some of the CGI (computer generated images) look bad and the end twist is obvious.

4)Coco: The characters, animation, and the emotional moments are excident. The story is a bit cliche and has been seen in other films.

3)Wonder: The acting, humor, and heart is what makes this film great. The story follows the book page by page and still has the same emotional impact.

2)War for the Planet of the Apes: The action, characters, story, CGI (Computer Generated Images), and emotional moments are great.

1)Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2: The action, characters, humor, the theme of the story, the effects, the different worlds are what makes this film the best of 2017

Honorable Mentions

Spider Man Homecoming

Murder on the Orient Express

John Wick Chapter 2

Blade Runner 2049

Captain Underpants