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The X-Men face their greatest threat in “X-Men Apocalypse”

posted Jun 2, 2016, 7:31 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted June 2nd, 2016

“X-Men Apocalypse” is where the X-Men must come together to defeat Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac), the first mutant on earth with a plan to destroy the world. Apocalypse wants to do this so he can rebuild in his image and his four horsemen; Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender) who can control metal, Storm (played by Alexandra Shipp) who can control the weather, Angel (played by Ben Hardy) who has wings that allows him to fly, and Psylocke (played by Olivia Munn) who is a master at sword fighting. The X-Men are made up of Raven aka Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence), Hank McCoy aka Beast (played by Nicholas Hoult), Jean Grey (played by Sophie Turner), Scott Summers aka Cyclops (played by Tye Sheridan), Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee), Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters), and led by Professor Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy).

X-Men Apocalypse is another great addition to the X-Men franchise that develops the new mutants along with the older ones like Magneto, who has very heart wrenching moment that leads him to joining Apocalypse. X-Men Apocalypse has great action with all the mutants showing off their powers against each other, acting especially from Michael Fassbender as Magneto who shows a softer side of the character that hasn’t been seen before in the other films, characters like Jean Grey, a X-Men with the power to get into people's brains that has trouble controlling it, and even awesome X-Men moments that will have fans wanting more.