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Trick or Treat? - A Halloween Poem

posted Mar 27, 2016, 8:44 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Mariah Flynn, Staff Writer

Posted October 15th,2015

Trick or Treat? -A Halloween Poem

Long dark shadows creep out from the darkness.

In them lay monsters of varying shapes and substances.

Werewolves and vampires among them,

Teeth ready for a fright of their lives.

Phantoms dance and weave between the bare trees,

Using the dead leaves as a dance floor for the party.

Zombies walk around like they have no place to rest their arms,

Forever held up in the parallel position from the ground.

Black cats run around the streets,

Looking to bring bad luck where ever they step.

Jack O'Lanterns shine with internal candles,

Lit up so all who walk by can see their faces.

All these monsters and many more,

Aren’t all bad you see.

They just wait each year,

Until October 31st comes around.

Because once this day comes,

They can begin the annual ritual.

The ritual of tricks on young kids and unexpecting adults,

And treats to the real frights of this world.

Mariah Flynn is a sophomore that loves to read and draw outside of class who is also very passionate about animals. After she graduates high school, Mariah would like to major in either veterinarian medicine or graphic design/photography.

She is currently enrolled in Concert Chorale and she hopes to get into Vocal Jazz next year. She is also in Photography Class and Graphics II.  Clubs that she is involved in besides the Nite Crier Newsblog is FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and SkillsUSA.