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Watch the Oscar Award Winning Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse Now!

posted Mar 8, 2019, 4:31 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted March 8th, 2019

Hello Nite Crier viewers! Today I will review the movie: Spider-man Into the Spider-Verse.

P l o t⠀(Spoiler Alert!)   

We are introduced to our main character, Miles Morales, a teenage boy who lives with his father, a city cop, and his mother, a nurse. Miles’ parents and many teachers see potential in him, so he is transferred to a private campus, a decision that he resents.  As school begins to progress, Miles becomes overwhelmed. He meets a friend along the way, initially identified as “Gwanda.” In the midst of school, he is caught attempting to purposefully fail his exam in order to drop out. He is then assigned an essay to write about himself and what he is passionate about. Because of his lack of interest in school, he visits his uncle to help clear his head. His uncle brings him down at a secluded area in a subway station so Miles can express himself through graffiti. After creating a piece with special meaning to Miles, he is bitten by a radioactive spider. In a matter of hours, Miles gains spider-like abilities such as spider sense, increased strength, and fingers that stick to every surface they come in contact with.  . After school, he returns to the subway mural to investigate his current dilemma. His search is abruptly interrupted by the pulverization of a nearby wall. This causes Miles to become sandwiched between a battle with Spiderman and Green Goblin. Upon discovery, both Miles and SpiderMan realize they are alike, which brings temporary comfort to Miles. SpiderMan then returns to the new found scene revealed to be Kingpin’s secret testing facility for an unstable particle accelerator. While it was not immediately known to the audience, Kingpin is attempting to regain the lives of his lost wife and son. In the act of stopping KingPin’s Machine, SpiderMan is pulled into the Machine, causing a cataclysmic crash. After the explosion, Miles finds SpiderMan mortally wounded under the wreckage. SpiderMan tells Miles to take the “goober” (a flashdrive) and destroy Kingpin’s contraption before it destroys the city. Before leaving, Miles watches as Kingpin crushes SpiderMan. After escaping the clutches of Kingpin’s right hand man, The Prowler, Miles goes back to his home emotionally shaken and upset. He wakes up the next day determined to fulfill his promise to SpiderMan. He goes out to buy a SpiderMan costume and attempts to harness his abilities, but breaks the “goober” in the process. Defeated, Miles visits Spider-Man’s grave to apologize for dooming the city. During the scene, Miles is approached by a shadowy figure who is then ‘venom-shocked’ by Miles by mistake, rendering the stranger unconscious. Miles discovers the man to be a SpiderMan from an alternate universe. Before learning more, Miles is pursued by the 5-0 who mistake him to be a grave robber. With a knocked out SpiderMan, Miles runs from the cops. Upon escape, he ties up SpiderMan and begins to interrogate him. SpiderMan responds saying he was a SpiderMan, specifically Peter, from a different realm and was sucked through a portal and brought to a world where he died. Miles reveals the world to be his, and that they share spider-like abilities. Miles proposes that Peter helps him in the battle to save the city from it’s perilous fate. Peter, reluctant to returning to his prior life of fighting crime, eventually agrees. They go out of the city and into Alchemax, a secret facility linked with Kingpin that harbors needed files. They encounter Doctor Olivia Octavius aka Doctor Octopus , who overpowers both Peter and Miles. Before succeeding, she is defeated by an unsuspected hero: Spider Woman. She is later revealed to be Gwen Stacy, aka “Gwanda”.  After escaping with the files, we get Gwen’s backstory and how she was also pulled from her dimension and brought to this one. With little options left, our spider squad goes to Aunt May for help. She brings them down to the spider layer and reveals three other spider personas with similar arrival story. Of the ones present are: SpiderMan Noir, Peni Parker/sp//dr, and Peter Porker as Spider-Ham. The new squad amends the plan to returning each hero to his/her universe followed by the destruction of the particle accelerator. Our heros venture out to helping Miles master his spider abilities. To everyone’s disappointment, he is unable to control his skills. Miles flees to his uncle’s place only to discover that his own uncle is in fact The Prowler. After running back to tell the squad, they are ambushed by Kingpin’s Men: The Prowler, Scorpion, and Tombstone. In the final moments of battle, The Prowler holds Miles who is disguised as SpiderMan before ending his life. Before he is able to, Miles reveals his identity, causing his Uncle to have a moment of humanity. The scene becomes shattered immediately when Kingpin shoots Miles' Uncle. Miles holds his uncle as he gives his last breath. Miles' father responds to the scene and mistakes Miles, disguised as SpiderMan, to be the killer. After returning to his dorm, Miles is confronted by the squad and told of the plan’s new proceedings to go without him. Peter takes the “goober” and leaves Miles webbed to a chair. Feeling uninspired, Miles is left to think about his self-failure. A moment later, Miles' father is behind his door and shares inspirational words despite the severity of the situation. These words spark Miles' determination which ultimately give him full command of his powers. He returns with the squad with only a few hours of experience, but full application of effort to save his city. After using the “goober” all 5 heroes return to their normal worlds. In the midst of combat, Kingpin reveals that his family was killed in a car accident after they realized his ties to crime and seeing him fight SpiderMan. This is the whole motive for the particle accelerator. After defeating KingPin, Miles delivers him to the police and hugs his father disguised as SpiderMan. We then see Miles continue his education at the private school and submit the essay with the same message that he wrote on the subway mural. We also see the lives of all the other members in the spider squad with good endings. Miles closes saying that anyone can wear the mask and that becomes the end of the movie.

T h e m e s⠀

When Miles asked Peter: “How will I know when I’m ready?”, Peter said “You won’t. It’s a leap of faith” This is how Miles was able to master his ability in such a short span of time. In the movie, these words became powerful enough to give Miles ability to be a hero. This can be applied to many situations in life. Another theme would be the diversity of the hero. We see 7 different Spider personas within the movie. All have different backstories, but they are all able to put the mask on and become a superhero. This theme is as old as Marvel itself. “Anyone can wear the mask” is a message that pays homage to the creators of Marvel and continues to inspire people of all kinds to do the right thing.

R e v i e w⠀

I think the movie was great. It was a culmination of many stories that fit perfectly within Miles' Universe ironically. I like the message offered to the audience. It didn’t really seem cliche at all. There was a decent amount of everything in the movie. I would watch this movie again without hesitation. Based on all this information, I rate this movie a 10/10.