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You want peace? (A Poem)

posted Jan 3, 2017, 4:35 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

You want peace?

By: Audrey Girard

You say you want peace

But you use war to get it

You say you want equality

But you discriminate

You say you want children to follow their dreams

But you tell them their dreams are impossible and unrealistic

You say people should show love

But you show only hate for everyone

How can you say you want freedom of religion

When you say that no religion matters except for yours?

How can you say people should have the right to speak out

But then tell them their words mean nothing?

How can you say you want crime to go away

When you do nothing to stop it


How can you say you want peace

When you use war to get it?

How can you expect someone to speak out when you don’t care about their opinions?

You don’t care about peace

You only want war and greed

You only care for,