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Academic Decathlon team wins in a landslide at regional competition

posted Jan 28, 2016, 7:00 AM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated Jan 28, 2016, 7:42 AM ]

Caption for Academic Decathlon

By: Elysia Dowd, News Editor

Posted January 27th, 2016

On January 8th, Slinger’s Academic Decathlon (AcDec) team competed at the WIAD Regional competition in Green Bay.

AcDec has subject tests in music, art, literature, science, math, economics, and history; in which the contestants can earn ribbons based on their scores. These subject tests are all pertaining to an overarching theme--this year’s is India. AcDec is also divided into three divisions based on GPA, with Honors as the highest, Scholars in the middle, and Varsity as the lowest.  Each division has the opportunity for 1st-3rd place ribbons in each subject. All three divisions of Slinger’s team performed spectacularly.

The  team scored 37,877.8 points out of 60,000 possible.  That ranks Slinger as the #5 team in the State of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin has one of the strongest programs in the nation.  The 2nd place team at this regional competition scored 33,242.7, a difference of more that 4,000 points. Essentially, Slinger won by a landslide. Slinger also won over 41% of all the awards at the Green Bay regional.

  • Michael Bieser had the highest score at Regional (7731.7) and was first in the Honors category. He received 4 blue ribbons (1st) and 3 red ribbons (3rd).

  • Abigaile Wilger earned the 3rd highest score in Honors (6965.0). She received 3 blue ribbons, 1 white ribbon (2nd), and 3 red ribbons.

  • Julian Blecking had the 5th highest score in Honors (6741.4) and received 1 blue ribbon, 3 white ribbons.

  • Trent Muellenbach earned the 2nd highest score in Scholars (6335.6); he received 2 blue ribbons, 4 white ribbons (2nd), and 1 red ribbon.

  • Heidi DeCaluwe held the 4th highest score in Scholars (5800.4) and received 2 blue ribbons and 1 white ribbon.

  • Nikhil Pingle had the 9th highest score in Scholars (5397.7). He received 1 blue ribbon and 1 red ribbon.

  • Andrew Hinz was Highest scorer in Varsity (5525.7); he received 1 blue ribbon, and 1 white ribbon.

  • Jacob Richter earned the 2nd highest score in Varsity (5519.4); he received 2 blue ribbons, 2 white ribbons, and 2 red ribbons.

  • Alex Jordan had the 6th highest score in Varsity (5005.0); he received 3 white ribbons, and 2 red ribbons.

This amazing performance means that the team automatically qualifies for the State Finals tournament on March 3rd and 4th. Congratulations, Academic Decathlon! Keep up the good work!