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Celebrate the Turkey Drop with the Top 10 Thanksgiving Movies

posted Nov 12, 2017, 4:47 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted November 12th, 2017

These movies have Thanksgiving in them or is set around Thanksgiving. This top ten is meant to show how these films or the scene reflects on the ideals and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

10) Paul Blart Mall Cop: The film about a hardworking mall cop, who is the only chance at stopping a mall heist has the themes of family and finding love that gives it a Thanksgiving feel, but some of the comedy and some of the characters are very one note.

9) Grumpy Old Men: The film is set around Thanksgiving and has the themes of Family, friendship, and love, but is predictable and the story is kind of old

8) Spider Man: The Thanksgiving scene is a major scene in the film that shows the tearing apart of the characters’ relationships and builds up to the epic climax to the film.

7) Rocky II: The end fight in the film takes place on Thanksgiving. This end fight has Rocky fighting for his family and Apollo fighting to defend his pride, for their fighting for what they're thankful for.

6) Rocky: The Thanksgiving scene in this film is the start of Rocky and Adrian’s relationship. The scene shows how Adrian, a shy girl whose brother really wants her to find love so he matches up Rocky with her. The scene is sweet with Rocky being kind and relaxed about Adrian’s shyness and as the scene goes on we see Adrian and Rocky really hit it off.

5) The Blind Side: The film shows Michael, a homeless black teen that rooms at the Tuohy’s house and ends up becoming part of the family. In the Thanksgiving scene we see the Tuohy family eat their Thanksgiving meal in front of the TV and Michael eat in the dining room, which leads Leigh Anna to turn off the TVs and gather the family together to eat together. It shows that family should come first before anything else.

4) The Big Chill: The film is about old friends coming together after the death of their friend. The Thanksgiving scene is sweet and charming with everyone looking back on the past and how the times have changed.

3) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The film is about a business man trying to make it home for Thanksgiving and ends up traveling with a shower ring salesman that over the journey becomes his best friend. The film shows the themes of family, friendship, and the joy of the season.

2) Tower Heist: The film is about employees of a hotel, whose owner is charged for stealing 2 million dollars from his employees’ investments, get even by stealing the money back from the owner. In the film the heist goes down during the Thanksgiving day Parade and the theme of friendship.

1) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: The film is about Charlie Brown having to make a Thanksgiving Day feast for his friends, but he doesn’t know how. The film shows the themes of friendship and that Thanksgiving isn’t about the food, but about the people you're eating it with.

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