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Course Selections: AP Human Geography vs World Studies

posted Apr 2, 2019, 11:18 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Chloe Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted April 1st, 2019

Entering freshman year, no one is ever positive of the classes they want to take. A big choice is if you want to go into World Studies or AP Human Geography.

AP Human Geography is a harder class than World Studies, mostly because it’s an AP class. AP classes tend to have a lot more classwork, homework, and harder material. However, they do look better on college applications. Another upside to this, is if you take the AP exam in May you’ll be more adapted to AP testing when it comes to different AP classes. In this class you learn about curriculum relating to charts and graphs, so if you’re good at reading those, this is the class for you!

World Studies is the class that most incoming freshman take. The material is very interesting, and the workload isn’t heavy, yet it doesn’t look as good on college applications as an AP class. In this class you learn about, like the class name says, the history of the world. You study the history of various countries from South Africa to Spain.

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