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DECA’s Trick or Can is here again!

posted Oct 25, 2018, 4:43 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted October 25th, 2018

This article is based on an e-interview I conducted with DECA member Alex Drifka about DECA’s Trick or Can:

Who is in charge of Trick or Can? Who can participate?

Alex:DECA is leading Trick Or Can, it is an annual fundraiser that we hold as an organization to raise canned goods and nonperishable foods for the Slinger Food Pantry. Students in Mrs. Smessaert Intro to Marketing class are required to participate in this event for credits. All DECA members are encouraged to participate as well. “

What is Trick or Can?

Alex: Trick Or Can has a really great system of not making it awkward when going door to door to fundraise for the food pantry. A week or so before Trick or Treat is in your neighborhood, you go to each of the houses and place a plastic bag on the mailbox of each house with a flyer inside describing the details of the event. Then when Trick or Treat comes around, you go door to door collecting each of these bags that will be filled with canned goods. Everyone will be out and about doing trick or treat so you won’t feel awkward going around your neighborhood fundraising.”

Why did DECA decide to do this?

Alex:This idea originated with the Wisconsin State DECA organization. They made it an initiative to begin fundraising towards local food pantries around Wisconsin. They extended this initiative to all the chapters of Wisconsin.”

When will Trick or Can happen? How long has it been happening for?

Alex:“Trick or Can will go on during all of the trick or treats in each neighborhood in the local area. We have been doing Trick or Can for about six years now I believe.”

Where will Trick or Can take place?

Alex:“Trick or Can will take place in all of the neighborhoods around this area. Each student will be able to choose a neighborhood to do their part in participating in Trick or Can!”

Alex’s Ending Message:

“This is an amazing fundraiser, and it would be amazing to have all of the community members to help our DECA chapter in raising lots of canned goods and nonperishable food items for the Slinger Food Pantry!”