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Holiday Folk Fair visited by SHS students

posted Nov 29, 2017, 4:43 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By. Abbie Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted November 29th, 2017

On November 17th, I went to the Holiday Folk Fair at the State Fair Grounds. I went last year and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. The Folk Fair consists of many different booths. There are a wide array of food options. I got Egyptian for dinner and Slovakian desserts! It is so interesting to try something new and I’m grateful for the opportunity. The Folk Fair also has booths with people sitting, waiting to explain their heritage to anyone that wants to listen. Another section includes booths with little trinkets and “souvenir”-type objects. I purchased some 100% alpaca wool socks from a Bolivian stand. Another part of the grounds houses a stage where people perform their culture’s traditional dance in traditional clothing. Overall, it’s a place I am glad I got to explore again.

Left: Booths where people are showing (and in some cases, making) specific items made in their country of heritage.

Right: Part of the Cafe area with food from over 20 different countries

Left: Person sitting in a booth, explaining their culture to eager listeners.

Right: A booth with culture-proud items to buy.