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Homecoming this year is going to be out of this world.

posted Mar 27, 2016, 8:28 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Robby Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted October 2nd, 2015

October 3rd marks the first out of the three major dances at Slinger High School, Homecoming of course. This year the school is going to infinity and beyond with the Homecoming theme “Out of This World!” The Student Council kids are the ones truly running the show with all the activities and events that occur this week like dress-up days, powderpuff, and the big homecoming football game. One of the main parts of Homecoming are the dress-up days. Student Council brainstorms the themes, eliminates the ones that have been done recently and picks the one that they think will be both creative and allow most students and staff to come up with an outfit for. The dress-up days this year were Monday: Fake an Injury Day, Tuesday: “How did that get in my closet?” Day, Wednesday: Jersey Day, Thursday: Blackout Day, and Friday: School Spirit Day. The dress-up days were a big success with many students and staff members getting creative with their outfits. For example, Mrs. Erdmann had on two boots, a knee brace, and a shoulder brace. A lot of students had Band-aids, boots, and pre-wrap tape covering their bodies.

Another big event during Homecoming is the powderpuff game, which is an event where girls from each high school class go head to head in game of flag football. The games were the freshmen girls versus the sophomore girls and the junior girls versus the senior girls. The freshmen and sophomore game ended with the sophomores crushing the freshmen 33 to 6. The junior and senior game ended with the score 13-0. These were wonderfully announced by Mr. Hamm with his great quips and facts that kept the games very lively.  

The last big event of Homecoming Week is the always heart-pounding football game. The game is going to be televised on WISN 12 Operation Football as game of the week. The opponent Slinger is facing this year is Oconomowoc, who has the same record as Slinger (6-0). The game is going to be a tough one, but the varsity has been working hard in practice to be crisp against the Racoons. Homecoming is a time of celebrating what it means to be a Slinger Owl.