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posted Mar 30, 2016, 8:30 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Kylie Coffin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted January 18th, 2016

On January 30, Slinger students will be able to live the night as a celebrity and dance amongst the stars. The theme of the Snowball dance this year is Hollywood Nights. In truth, the day of a dance bares many similarities to a life of fame. Parents taking group pictures with flashing cameras are paparazzi, the car ride to the dance is a limo ride to the movie premiere, and the first steps taken in the lobby are the first steps on the red carpet. As in all things that Slinger schools do, students are truly seen as the stars of the show. The dance will be held from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm on the 30th and is open to all high schoolers.

Student Council is in charge of choosing the theme for Snowball, and turning the theme into a lobby and gym full of decorations that creates a fun dance experience for students in attendance. Because Student Council creates the entire image of the dance, members have a multitude of responsibilities in the weeks leading up to Snowball. Members must take time out of their days to work on Snowball preparations at least four times before the big decorating session on January 29th, in which they begin decorating after the school pep rally and continue until late that night. Currently, Student Council members can be seen cutting out stars, movie reels, and making handprints. They also have been and assembling and sanding letters for the Hollywood sign that will be placed on the stage like the iconic symbol of the Los Angeles neighborhood. Beginning on Monday, January 18, students will begin painting these letters. Dance tickets--which are $10.00 for a single and $20.00 for couples--will look like movie tickets. The couples' signs will be clapboards (commonly seen as the object being clapped when a director wants to “take two”) with the words “Hollywood Nights” and the date written on it.

In true democratic fashion, a poll was sent out to every member of the school through students’ gmail accounts to have them vote for their favorite dress up day themes for the week of Snowball. After students submitted their top five favorites, Student Council took the five most popular and made them the official dress up themes. Monday is Pajama Day, and anyone who wears pajamas will get one dollar off of the cost of their Snowball ticket. Tuesday is plaid, Wednesday is nerd, Thursday is mismatch, and Friday will wrap up the week of fun as Twin Day. As always, there will be a shortened schedule for students on Friday to make room for the Snowball pep rally at the end of the day. Student Council is planning the script and games for the rally to make it entertaining for students of all grades and the faculty.

While Snowball has long had a reputation for being a Sadie Hawkin’s style “girl asks boy” kind of dance, Student Council is gradually eliminating that association. Instead, Snowball is now to be considered very similar to the fall Homecoming dance. Student Council wants it to be a fun way for both groups of friends and dates to be able to get dressed up and go out dancing with their peers. A few of many enticing draws to the dance include the return of DJ Dylan for the night, and the presence of free popcorn in the lobby and snacks which will be placed on the tables in the gym. An actual red carpet will also be present for students to use as a spot where they can pose for pictures and live out their celebrity dreams.

Student Council’s goal is to have at least 400 students attend this star-studded dance, so do not miss out on the opportunity to attend this year’s Snowball. It is always glamorous, cool, and thrilling on Hollywood nights like these.