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Mr. Apel reflects on a 38-year career at Slinger High School

posted May 10, 2018, 4:46 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted May 10th, 2018

This is a special report on the retirement of Mr. Apel. Mr. Apel, who has the titles Technology & Engineering Department Chair, Graphics Club Advisor, SkillsUSA Co-Advisor, and Drivers Education  Advisor, has worked 38 consecutive years. He has decided to retire this year and on behalf of Slinger High, I am reporting his responses to questions sharing his career here at Slinger. In describing the beginning of Slinger High School, the school is illustrated very basic as to how we see the high school now. There is only the square hall from the library to Acker’s room to Keliher’s room and to the new Rookery location. At the time, only grades 10-12 were accepted, and most students had an agricultural background. When asking about the SHS administration, he explains their supportive nature. “It felt like a family when I was hired.” He additionally describes the majority of students as courteous and respectful, further detailing his rare fortune for working with Slinger High. Furthermore, he gives insight on his passion for education of students beyond the classroom by advising for SADD, Student Council, yearbook, Graphics Club, and SkillsUSA. At the top of his enjoyment, he declares “Watching students come in as ‘kids’ and leave as young adults.” More discreetly, he is satisfied with the gradual acquirement of skills from students and the reward of seeing the fluctuation of activity. In full honesty, Apel mentions that he truly didn’t plan out his improvement in the high school, rather the constant goal to always be better through the methods of adaptation and improvisation. A great example of his skill would be SkillsUSA and their history of success and community service. “Working alongside all these students and watching their skills and confidence grow so immensely has been an incredible experience for me.” His message of departure:

To the staff:  Don’t ever lose sight of what makes SHS so unique, so special.  It’s the caring and respect for each other as colleagues and most importantly doing the same for the students.

To the students:  Work hard, but balance it!  You only get one shot at high school so make the most of it.  Try a variety of new things class-wise, and club-wise. That is how you grow and find out what really interests you.  And always have a “plan B” for your career path. Things can change - sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Pursue your dream, but also realize that sometimes an alternative plan may end up being the best one!