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My College Review of UW-Green Bay

posted Nov 15, 2017, 4:29 AM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated Dec 18, 2017, 4:48 AM ]

By: Chloe Schmidt, Staff Writer

Posted November 15th, 2017

On October 20th, a teacher in-service day, my mom, my brother, and I drove up to Green Bay to go on a college tour at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The drive was about an hour and forty minutes-far enough away from home but still close enough that I could go home if an emergency occurred.

I had multiple reasons for looking at Green Bay. One of the reasons is because it’s in-state, which means the tuition will be cheaper. Another reason I liked the distance was because if I ever needed or wanted to go home, it’d be easier than if I moved somewhere else. The GPA and ACT (which I haven’t taken yet) scores were right in my range, so I knew I’d be around kids with my same education level. The final reason was because they had the two programs I’d need to study to become what I want to be: a history teacher.

To start with, I absolutely loved Green Bay. I liked how it was spacious but closely knit at the same time. The education program seemed to value their students and want the best for them. The student life seemed amazing- the tour guide told us that multiple things were offered to be enjoyed every week. My favorite part about it had to be the fact that the dorms had personal bathrooms. Of course you have to share a bathroom with your roommate, but it’s better than sharing a bathroom with twenty other girls. Another very important part of college to me is how eco-friendly they are. Green Bay seemed very eco-friendly by recycling bins everywhere and solar panels being on top of a brand new building.

My brother’s favorite part was the underground tunnels that lead from each academic building to another, which is useful during the cold weather. My mom’s favorite part was how much nature there was- there was trees practically everywhere you looked.

Overall, this tour was the best tour I’ve ever been on. Green Bay is my number one choice so far. Nite Crier Holiday Word Search Contest: Jingle