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New Psych Club offered to Slinger High School students

posted Oct 18, 2017, 4:51 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Katelyn Dano, Staff Writer

Posted October 18th, 2017

A new club has been started at Slinger High School. The Psychology Club had their first informational meeting October 6th and it brought a lot of interest to the student body. The question is: “What is Psych Club?” According to Ms. Dorzok, the psychology teacher, the club’s mission is “to teach and engage students in fun psychological topics and spread awareness regarding psych topics.” Some of these topics include stress (how brain deals with stress, coping with stress, etc.) and sleep (benefits of sleep, what happens to the brain when deprived of sleep, etc.) However, she emphasized that this is not just another AP Psychology class. This is very student based, they research the topics on their own time and have discussions after school. Ms. Dorzok started thinking of this club last year and had to think of how to do the club and not take time away from family. The club is only the last Thursday of the month and it is very easy to participate. It is not supposed to be workload heavy club.  The club co-leaders are seniors, Becca Rodenkirch and Lucy Slizewski. They both loved AP Psych last year and wanted to continue learning about it, but in a non-classroom setting. They helped push Ms. Dorzok to start this club. To people who are on edge about joining, Lucy says there’s underclassman in this club; all you need is an interest in psychology. There’s no class to take as a prerequisite. The next meeting is the last thursday of October and it is a halloween themed meeting.