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Nite Crier Poetry and Art Contest Winners

posted May 23, 2019, 4:18 AM by Jeffrey Wolf
Congratulations to Emmaleigh Girard and Luke Stoffel. They are the winners of the Nite Crier Poetry and Art Contest.  See their outstanding submission below.

Every time By: Emmaleigh Girard

Every time you smile it's like staring  into a beautiful sunset.

Rising out of the dark into the light,where I can see for a mile away.

Never looking back into the dark.

You bring the light in my eyes showing me the brighter way --

instead of leading me into the dark --

the whole world shines around you.

Everywhere you  go you lead a bright path

that follows in your footsteps.

Never be afraid to choose a different path--

never knowing where it may lead always

turning a bad decision into a good decision.

No matter what happens or where you go

always keep your light shining so I can

always find you.

The Washington Monument By: Luke Stoffel