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Nuclear summit in peril: Will North Korea and the United States meet?

posted Jun 1, 2018, 11:26 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Andrew Davis, Staff Writer

Posted June 1st, 2018

There is much confusion around the world as to the status of the acclaimed United States - North Korea Summit scheduled to occur on June 12th of this year.  Just last Thursday, the 24th of May, President Trump sent a formal letter to North Korean President Kim Jong Un in which he backed out of the summit on grounds that Korea was exhibiting “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent statements directed towards the United States of America.  Many believed this move by Trump to be a dealing tactic that would secure better bargaining grounds for the United States while retaining a strong hand against an unpredictable dictator. The move worked, and since this last weekend, North Korea has taken up a defensive position thus giving Trump the opportunity to reverse the cancellation.  There are currently closed door discussions occurring around the clock to hammer out an agenda should the meeting be reopened. Major topics of such a summit would be the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the removal of sanctions on the North Korean government, and the planning of future meetings. Although there is still much planning to do and much contention to overcome, the pieces are set for what might become a historic date for the United States, North Korea, and the world as a whole.