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Outside SHS: An interview with Bescent Ebeid

posted Apr 28, 2017, 6:17 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Abbie Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted April 28th, 2017

1. Define your activity?

Taekwondo directly translates to the way of the hands and feet. It's a martial arts that teaches not to fight but to protect yourself, to give you self control, and to gain courage and respect meant to have a healthy life.

2. When did you start this activity?

Being the person that I am, I wanted to just prove that I can do it to keep in shape for sports and so I joined the sport. This was 4 years ago.

3. How did you learn about this activity?

I learned about taekwondo when my dad was enrolling my brother into classes for off season football to keep him in shape.

4. Do you feel you’ve learned any valuable lessons from this activity? If so, describe.

Doing taekwondo has taught me to always be respectful and to have self control. It's given me confidence that I've never had before and that's been building within me for four years now.

5. Does this activity have something connected to what you would like to do after HS?

Eventually I’d like to see myself progressing in rank and after high school I'll be trained enough to open my own taekwondo school and that is what I hope to plan to do as a hobby.

6. Do you find this activity satisfying?

This sport satisfies me completely because hard work totally does pay off. The feeling of achievement is more than just satisfying. Because of my hard work, I have achieved my second degree black belt and onto my third degree, I've won 23 state championships, 8 district championships, 2 national championships, and I placed 3rd in world championships, and revived an ATA String Championship for my competitiveness. Because of my hard work I'm now training to hopefully represent either USA or Egypt at 2020 Tokyo Olympics. All of these are my satisfactions.

7. What is the greatest misconception about your activity?

The greatest misconception about taekwondo is that people think it's just straight up fighting to demolish people when really it just tools given to you to protect yourself when you NEED to and is never meant to be used just for fun or to start a fight.

8. Why should other people take up your activity?

I think other people should take up this sport because it can taken for several different reasons. For the love of the art, to stay in shape, to better your life, and there truly never really is a dull moment, just a lot of sweat and hard work but plenty of fun!

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