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Owl Anglers fish for victory this winter

posted Feb 14, 2019, 4:40 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted February 14th, 2019

For today’s article, I’ve interviewed member Heinz Walther of the Slinger High Fishing Team.

EI: Is there a specific name for the Slinger High School Ice Fishing Club? If so, What is it?

HW: ”We don’t quite consider us as a club, more as a team, just as any other Slinger sport. The specific name we as a team have decided upon for our team is

The Slinger High School Owl Anglers.”

EI: What position do you hold in the team?

HW: “I hold no specific position within the club. Though our team is split in two divisions, A Team and B Team. A Team consisting of the more involved tournament fisherman, including myself, and Team B as our secondary team.”

EI: How many members are currently in the team? Which teachers are involved and how?

HW: “Currently, there are approximately 20-25 Fisherman on our Ice Fishing Team.  Our Coaches for the team, who are teachers as well, are Mr. Luke Skic and Mr. Brent Hug. These gentlemen are a huge part to our club. They are responsible for signing us up for tournaments, dual meets, guided trips, etc. for the team. In addition to that, they work with all of our sponsors in order to get us quality gear for success, along with getting us known and opening more and more opportunities for the team as a whole. Without our coaches/advisors, our team would not be around.”

EI: What is the club all about? What time are you guys active?

HW: “Our team is about getting young people who are avid or even newcomers to fishing and showing them true fishing experiences, during ice and open water seasons. We teach each other, work with each other, and help each other learn and acquire new fishing techniques and strategies so you could have fun and catch awesome fish in the process. Yes, we have tournaments with schools from all across Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun. It is a fun, exciting, thrilling, and lively team that is always getting bigger and better. We are active year round, during winter, spring, summer, and fall. On tournament days, we are up at 4 AM and back home at 5 PM. Times and days vary, just like the shifting of fish from place to place, so there is never a specific time we’re active, but one thing always stays the same, we are up in the morning with the rising sun.”

EI: What is your joining requirements? Do you still take new members?

HW: “We have no joining requirements at all! That’s what makes this team so awesome! You could be a freshman, a senior, have fishing experience, or have none at all! We welcome everybody to come be a part of our team. All we ask is that you treat the team, the coaches, and the equipment just as a sports team would be. When you’re on the team, not only do you get a chance to show off your awesome fish, but you’re also representing Slinger High School. We are always open to new members.”

EI: When is your next meet?

HW: “Our next meet is yet to be determined, but we as a team have been invited to embark on a guided fishing trip at Sturgeon Bay, 3 hours North of Slinger this Sunday, February 10, 2019. Though this will be simply a guided fishing trip, not a tournament against other school. Our next tournament is yet to be determined, but has anticipated being on Lake Winnebago.”

EI: Any additional information you would like SHS student body and staff to know about the Ice Fishing Team?

HW: “The Slinger Owl Anglers are an excellent representation of Slinger High School and what we are all about not only as a team, but as a school. We make it our complete intention to treat our team just as any other team we have to offer at the school, but we also treat each other with utmost respect and friendship. We provide a fun and exciting experience to each and every person willing to learn and have a good time. All of this because of (Special Thanks To) Brent Hug (Coach) Luke Skic (Coach) Marshall Jacklin (President) and Cole Duehring (Vice President) for their time, efforts, contributions, and branching Slinger High School to yet another branch of success.”