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SHS Student Council Raising Money Gets Community Involved

posted Apr 3, 2016, 1:52 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By Abbie Schmidt, Staff Writer

Posted March 11th, 2016

I spoke with Mrs. Keliher of Slinger High School who gave me the inside scoop on Student Council’s donations and rummage sale. As on right now, donations are coming in slow but steady. They are getting a few boxes/bags a week and are making some big piles in their storage areas. This Saturday, they are having their first community drop off which takes place from 11am-1pm.They will be standing by the cafeteria and guide those looking to donate down to the auto-shop by the junior parking lot. Mrs. Keliher said now is a good time for this because many people are doing spring cleaning right now. They are spreading the news out to as many people as possible, even sending flyers home to all students in the district to inform parents about drop-off dates.

She said they will take “anything and everything, as long as it’s sellable -- not junk that should just be thrown away”. They’ve even received large furniture so far. Still, “Kids love to buy books and stuffed animals.”

The rummage sale will be on Saturday, April 23rd, from 8am-5pm in the high school cafeteria. They will also have a bake sale at this time!

Now, you may be wondering “what does the money go to?” Mrs. Keliher told me, “All our fundraising money goes towards our service activities like the free Christmas dinner we serve to local senior citizens, Fall Yard Cleanup, Santa Sitters, blanket donations, pep rally supplies, Snowball dance supplies, and we like to buy a gift for the school each year. We also send several students to leadership conferences and we pay for that”. As you can see, Student Council pays for a lot. You can help them by donating your things this Saturday or buying stuff at the rummage sale on April 23rd!