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Slinger engineering students apply their knowledge to keep warm

posted May 12, 2016, 4:52 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

Members of Team 5 assembling their emergency shelters. Pictured: Jack Hafemann, Bryce Ruefner, Colin Hoch and Dan Foster.

By: Kylie Coffin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted May 12th, 2016

Slinger’s two Principles of Engineering classes recently underwent the task of building emergency shelters. These shelters were intended to maintain an inside temperature of 60 degrees while inside of the high school’s freezer which was negative four degrees. The team members who constructed the emergency shelter would stay inside of the shelter while it was being tested. All five of the shelters made were successful in maintaining the required temperature.

Student participants in this project are listed below.

Team 1:

Mr. Hermann’s group: Allison Daw, Hunter Goodwin, Ryan Lallensack, Tyler Aldrian

Mr. Hansen’s group: Dan Schmidtke, Tyler Peszko, Sawyer Strachota, Jacob Rothenhoefer

Team 2:

Hermann: Austen Becke, Gabe Szamocki, Cole Gnatzig, Anson Dowd

Hansen: Kate Wallschlaeger, Alex Jordan, Brent Washick

Team 3:

Hermann: Morgan Duley, Madeline Horinek, Christian Young, Cliff Wood

Hansen: Jonnie Wolf, Ryan Punko, Thomas Noltner

Team 4:

Hermann: Michael McAndrews, Joe Hignite, Cal Waters, Garrett Konrath

Hansen:  Anthony Wichman, Aaron Blada, Liam Connaley

Team 5:

Hermann: Jack Hafemann, Dan Foster, Bryce Ruefner, Josh Wetherall

Hansen: Colin Hoch, Adam Beine, Jordan Trunk

Congratulations to the Principles of Engineering students on their successful creations!