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Slinger High School Prom 2016: “A Night in Paris”

posted May 24, 2016, 7:08 AM by Jeffrey Wolf   [ updated May 24, 2016, 4:25 PM ]

Madeline Hoitink, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted May 24th, 2016

Last week Saturday, many students attended Slinger High School’s Prom at the Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford.  “A Night in Paris” proved to be very successful, as 350 students attended the dance, including 48 guests from other schools.  This number is very high, as prom is usually Slinger’s smallest dance of the year.  Everyone was in awe of Prom Court’s wonderful decorations -- an Eiffel Tower, ribbons, and lights.  “It was a speculator night,” comments Hannah Strachan, a member of Prom Court.  “And Court was a great experience.”  This year, Prom Court rode a party bus to the restaurant Buca di Beppo in Milwaukee.  The group then enjoyed a delicious Italian meal and arrived at the Chandelier Ballroom at 9:30.  The work that Prom Court put into the dance definitely paid off, as prom was a fun-filled night.  Students danced the night away and constantly enjoyed the free photo booth.  Two juniors, Jacob Bunzel and Nate Balistriere, even coordinated a Star Wars Lightsaber battle in the middle of the dance floor.

Because prom is smaller than other dances and is held in the expensive Chandelier Ballroom, the school normally loses some money on preparations for the night.  The money used towards the dance comes from the Junior Class Account.  However, the Homecoming dance usually makes profit, so when those juniors are seniors, their account earns the money lost from prom.  If there is money left in the Senior class account at the end of the school year, a gift is bestowed to Slinger High School.

A big thank you goes out to the teacher chaperones at the 2016 prom:  Ms. O'Hearn, Ms. Henkel, Ms. Keliher, Mr. Acker, Ms. Peters, Ms. Becker, Mr. Knutson, Officer Sutter, Mr. Ourada, and Ms. Harmann.  Also, if any students attended the prom and have an idea to make it more enjoyable in the coming years, Ms. Harmann would appreciate suggestions. 

This year, Post Prom was held in the Slinger High School cafeteria.  All SHS students were encouraged to attend Post Prom, as it was open to students in all grades, not just students who went to Prom.  In all, about 200 students attended Post Prom with its comedy night club setting.  Comedy Sportz performed at Post Prom, cards were available on the tables for students to use, and many prizes were awarded.  The prizes ranged from $10 gift cards to $50 bills.  About 100 prizes were awarded at Post Prom.  There was also a lot of food available in the cafeteria:  Subway subs, pizza from Jim’s Place, cookies from Sweet Creations, candy, cotton candy, popcorn, fruit trays, and chocolate covered strawberries.  Pepsi provided all drinks.

Mrs. Beyer, Mrs. Rufner, and Mrs. King prepared for Post Prom for 2 months.  They sent letters to all local businesses and the parents of the Junior Class to collect donations and start organizing the night.  They decided to switch venues to the high school cafeteria instead of the Hartford Recreation Center in order to save money.  The following businesses donated money to Slinger’s Post Prom, with the top portion donating $150 or more.

Allenton Lions Club, Alan Jordan State Farm Insurance, Bergmann TV & Appliance, D & M Auto Body, First National Bank, Jim’s Place, Maus Jewelers, Slinger/Allenton Rotary, Slinger House Pub & Grille, SHS Student Council, Slinger PBO, Thrivent Financial, Loff Family, Weix Industries Inc., Boehlke’s Tri-Star Storage, Meyers Family, Home Clean Out Crew, Kettle Moraine Counseling Services.

Slinger Food Service
, S.O.W.L., Allenton Subway, Culvers Hartford, Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly, Nehm’s Greenhouse & Floral Balloons Go Riteway Transportation Gift Cards, Sweet Creations Cookies, Schulties Pumping, Mineshaft, Fill n Chill, Slinger Subway, Kettle Moraine Bowl, Pedrick Family, Greg & Rose Nelson,
Mike & Erin Schloemer, Hoch Family Gift Cards Tamborino Family Gift Card, Schoenke Family,
Beine Family,
King Family,
Rufener Family,
Schaefers BP,
Bayley Family,
Hartford McDonalds.

Thank you to everyone who attended Slinger High School’s Prom and Post Prom to make it a wonderful night!