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Slinger Welcomes Thai Guests

posted Apr 19, 2016, 4:56 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Kylie Coffin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted April 19th, 2016

On Saturday, April 16th five students and one teacher from Thailand arrived in Wisconsin and began their three-week stay in Slinger. These Thai students are being hosted by International Student Club members, and will be here until May 4th.

Sydney Selness is hosting Ms. Tawarat Ponyiam, Ashlyn Schwind is hosting Ms. Nahathai Ngaonungrueng, Nora Martin is hosting Mr. Yanapat Limrachadawong, Hannah Ritger is hosting Ms. Yonvaree Upatcha, and Breanna Weiss is hosting Mr. Pongpol Tubtong. Teresa Wolf will be helping to support the Thai students with their transition from Thailand to Wisconsin along with two of Slinger’s long- term foreign exchange students, Nikhil Pingle and Yanisia (Atom).

Mr. Samart Hongtong, the Thai teacher who accompanied these students on their journey, teaches high school chemistry. He is being hosted by Mr. Gundrum and the Slinger Science Department.

During their stay, students will be attending activities such as a Discovery World tour, a brat fry at Breuer 4 Way Farm, a Museum of Wisconsin Art tour, a Widmir Cheese and Chocolate tour, a trip to Madison, and Slinger sporting events.

Slinger students are encouraged to become familiar with our Thai guests and give them a friendly welcome to Slinger High School for the duration of their trip!

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Henkel