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Snowball Weekend in Review: What You May Have Missed

posted Apr 3, 2016, 1:18 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Kylie Coffin Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted February 4th, 2016

On January 30th, 300 students arrived at a red carpet event: Snowball. Student Council’s goal for their “Hollywood Nights” Snowball attendance was to have 400 students at the dance. While this year’s number fell short of hopes, those in attendance filled the dance floor. $3,000 were made from ticket sales, but with the costs of decorations, the DJ, pep rally supplies, and dinner for those who decorated the night before the dance, Student Council essentially breaks even in terms of money. In the words of their faculty leader, Mrs. Keliher, “Student Council does this for the students' enjoyment, so that's fine with us!”.

There are many people to thank for the success of Snowball weekend. Much appreciation goes to Student Council members who devoted so much of their time to create Hollywood decorations for the dance and plan the pep rally, which took place at the end of the day on Friday. The pep rally included events such as class races through a massive a bouncy house, generously provided by the National Guard, a human bowling competition, a lip sync battle, a sack race, and a humorous competition where selected students and staff members put a tennis ball in a pair of tights, put the tights on their heads, and used the ball to knock over bottles. In the dark of the gym, the Drum Line performed an impressive piece for the school that doubled as a light show with changing lights which were synchronized to the pounding of the drums. Hosts for the pep rally were seniors Emma Sievers, Ashley Burg, and Jarod Scheff.

At the dance, many students again expressed satisfaction with DJ Dylan who provided a fun, danceable mix of music all night long. Recognition should be given to Mr. Hermann and Mr. Kolpack who helped to create the Hollywood letters, which were the focal point of the stage which the Snowball court walked out on. Student Council members and dance attendees appreciated their work!

Court members for the evening were Megan Johnson for Student Council escorting Chris Evans, Jeremiah Miller for Student Council escorting Jena Monroe, Josie Bjorklund for girls basketball escorting Walid Sabha, Mitch Behm for boys basketball escorting Jayna Schmittinger, Liz Weiland for Forensics escorting Tommy Dubnicka, Madeline Horinek for Science Olympiad escorting Christian Young, Tony Koerner for hockey escorting Emily Miller, Abigaile Wilger for Academic Decathlon escorting Jacob Richter, Chris Melius for wrestling escorting Kathleen Enders, Brian Jasperson for boy’s ski team escorting Emma Ney, and Lexi Bullis for girl’s ski team escorting Michael Kurzendoerfer. Jeremiah Miller and Jena Monroe won the popular vote and were crowned king and queen of Snowball 2016. Earlier that evening, court members ate dinner together at Buca di Beppo in Milwaukee.

Mrs. Keliher believes that all of the students who enjoyed attending the Homecoming dance should give more thought to going to Snowball with their friends as well. “Snowball is a great way to dance away the winter blues and start the second semester,” Mrs. Keliher remarked, “So many students have a great time at Homecoming, but shy away from Snowball a bit. They missed out because dance-goers had a blast!” Looking ahead to next year, Student Council may give away a round of tickets early in order to produce more buzz about the dance, so students should listen for more information on this potential opportunity in the winter of next school year.

Snowball is a wonderful Student Council-lead event that revolves around the fun and enjoyment of Slinger High School students. It truly is a way for friends to unwind and celebrate the beginnings of the final half of the school year in an organized but still carefree way.