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Unpredictable weather hits Slinger

posted Apr 24, 2018, 6:24 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Chelsea Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted April 24th, 2018

Just yesterday, I was relieved to see some students go to school with summer clothes! Does that mean that there won’t be cold weather, much less, snow? Well, on April 15th, a lot of us were faced with a snowstorm. Even some places had to shut down for safety. That was recently, and even though it’s spring, nature hasn’t been reflecting that, but now that’s about to change.

Intrigued by the April snow, I did a little bit of research. I inquired on Google, is it okay to snow in April?, and discovered that it’s not unusual. For example, in the Rockies and the Sierra, snow in April is typical. If I tell you that even Arizona gets snow during this season, are you surprised? Some people mistake Arizona for a hot, humid state, but that assumption is false. There are some specific areas there that show otherwise. On April 9th, 2011, Flagstaff, Arizona received about 13 inches of snow!

If you may be wondering about when Spring starts and ends. There are two methods when determining this, the meteorological and astronomical method. The meteorological method tells us that Spring starts on March 1 up until May 31. Using the astronomical method, Spring starts on March 20 and ends on the 21st of June. This explains why sometimes the dates for this season may change.

I glanced over the upcoming weather forecast, and thank goodness, no more snow. The temperature is now going to be like spring weather. We will be able to enjoy the 60-70 degree weather finally. There will be a couple of rain showers, but that’s about it. Therefore, enjoy the upcoming marvelous weather!