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The Impeachment Scandal - Through the Eyes of a High Schooler

posted Jan 20, 2020, 5:11 AM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Alex Lange, Staff Writer

Posted January 20th , 2020

Every time the impeachment of President Trump is brought up, it leaves a knot in my stomach. Not because I solidly back the Republican or Democratic Party, but because I’m an american and it’s embarrassing!

It pains me to see a government in turmoil over something so insubstantial. The way it feels to me is that most members of the Democratic Party are trying to manipulate the words and actions of President Trump. The Democratic Party claims that Trump betrayed his oath of office, U.S. national security, and the integrity of the country’s elections by soliciting to Ukraine to benefit his reelection. Even after the claims were made, Trump released the full transcripts of the conversations with President Zelensky as he knew these allegations were false and there was nothing to prove their claims. So why did the democrats persist to draft articles for impeachment?

The answer to me is transparent, the Democrats are sore losers. They can’t seem to get over the fact that they lost the presidential election to a Repulican businessman who has never held an elected office - basically, a non-politician. Rather than accepting defeat and moving on, they whine like a 4-year-old who didn’t get his cupcake! This is where I find the impeachment process to be the most troubling. All of the focus has been on this instead of the job the country elected them to do. School shootings are at an all time high (438 in 2019), suicide rates among teens continue to increase as does our national debt, but yet they waste time and money trying to prove something that doesn’t exist!

Essentially, the impeachment process is unhealthy for our government and this country. The Democrats claims are not backed by fact as represented by a report from the Republicans of the House committees to say, “The evidence presented does not prove any of these Democrat allegations”. This report also states that “The Democrats are trying to impeach a duly elected President based on the accusation and assumptions of unelected bureaucrats who disagreed with President Trump’s policy initiatives and processes”. 

The Democrats are being counterintuitive to their goal. Continuing with these accusations is essentially increasing Trump’s approval rating which could enhance his chances for reelection while decreasing democratic support. Meanwhile, the government wonders why the political efficacy is so low amongst youth and young adults in this country. Look no further than the hypocritical and unconstitutional claims of the Democratic party in the impeachment trials.