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Why These 40 Minutes are Important; Your English Teacher Knows What's Up

posted Mar 29, 2016, 8:01 PM by Jeffrey Wolf

By: Hannah Stadel, Staff Writer

Posted December 7th, 2015

Perhaps you’ve had times when you couldn’t convince yourself that English class had any purpose, poetry made any sense, or the author you’re reading had any sanity. Despite your many doubts, English does in fact play an important role in your life and the world.

When you drop into your desk, ready-or-not, to soak up that wordy knowledge, many things are about to happen. By being exposed to thoughts and ideas of other people at different times and places in history, your knowledge of the world expands. As your knowledge grows, the way you understand other cultures and people changes. Maybe you’ll learn something about your own life. It could, also, inspire you to travel somewhere or have a certain career. It could affect the way you treat others or give you a love for something greater. Reading something you wouldn’t have otherwise read opens up a door that might not have been there.

Analyzing literature also provides skills necessary for nearly every job. Critical thinking that you learn in high school English can be applied to many situations, from brainstorming to problem solving. Knowing grammar helps when you have to write a report for your boss or an email to a customer.

Next time you're in an English class, I hope you realize what a great opportunity you have and all that you’re gaining from those 40 minutes.