Post date: May 27, 2016 12:14:09 PM

I, Ally Steger, will happiness and optimism to Alyssa Murphy. Never let anyone bring you down, Alyssa. You’re one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. You’re strong and confident and gorgeous. Love you.

I will a beautiful smile and caring personality to Emily Haluzak. You are beautiful, Emily. You will be gorgeous and strong next year. Take care of the squad for me. Love you, girl.

I will determination and a competitive attitude to Jade Dexter. Your athleticism and competitive nature will take you far in life. You’re beautiful and strong. Have fun in Hawaii with your new rifle!

I will senior leadership and responsibility to Kira Wagner. Your senior leadership will be key for a successful Color Guard squad next year. Have fun with all the braiding and hairstyles!

I will confidence and enthusiasm to Renee Wagner. Your honesty and open personality is inspiring. Thank you for your dedication to Color Guard. Love you, girl.

I will my Color Guard Captain’s boot spot to Abby Kelly. Congrats on becoming a Color Guard Captain, Abby. Your leadership and dedication will make the squad great next year. Love you!

I will imagination and an energetic attitude to Carly Hermann. Your enthusiasm, makeup skills, and laughter are amazing, Carly. You’ll always be my gorgeous, tall newbie! Love you!

I will dedication and natural talent to Kasha Kapal. Your natural Color Guard talent is amazing, Kasha. I’m glad we’ve been friends for so long; stay beautiful, stay strong, stay stubborn! Love you!

I will Megan Spalda the Color Guard rifle traditionally passed down from one Captain to another. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Megan! I know you will be an amazing Captain and leader of Color Guard. Love you!

I will Rebekah Seidel the drive to work hard for the rest of the year and remain dedicated to whatever you chose to be active in. Your hard work and dedication to Color Guard is inspiring! Make lots of memories in Hawaii next year! Love you! To you, I will honesty and hard work.

We, the seniors of drumline, will the pre-performance rap and speech to Michael Kurzendoerfer. We trust that you can rise to the challenge and continue to excite the drumline so they can perform at their best. We hope that you can encourage the drumline to keep up our reputation of high maturity and great behavior. Make sure David stays in line. Always remember FBGM and FCG. Good luck next year!

I, Elysia Dowd, will the 2nd alto Chamber singers to Claire from school. Make no mistake, Mrs. Peters still gets to choose whomever she wants to be the section leader, but you must be the mother goose. Let's face it; you were the one actually running the ship this year, since I can't play piano worth anything! Love the altos in my stead, and pass on your scratchies to a worthy recipient! Be the new Alto Chick! (BTW you also get my share of the side room but I think you already knew that)

I will Luke Peterson leadership of the Peter Hollens fan club. This means steal the side room speakers from Cliff to play his music, and whenever you can, introduce people to his art and geek out about his singing. I have converted at least three people to his fan club during Senior year, and I challenge you to double that. This is a serious duty, but I know Peter and I can count on you! :)

I, Jacob Richter, will my four shares of Gundrum’s side room to Cliff Wood, Jacob Storrs, Jenny Boehlke, and Mitchell Kitzinger. Cliff, may your rule be as prosperous and lively as mine.

I, Madeline Horinek, will one share of the Independent Nation-State of the office (Gundrum’s side room) to Megan Horinek, one share to Clifford Wood, and one share to Bescent Ebeid.

I will the presidential office of Science Olympiad (and all of its corresponding duties; peacekeeper, organizer, and caretaker of the fourth graders with power tools, as well as keeping Gundrum on track, planning meetings and invitationals, and keeping the spirit alive) to Clifford Wood.

I, Austen Becker, will three shares of Gundrum’s side room to Nick Stoffel, and Ben and Ryan Moeller.

I, Anson Dowd, will my two shares of Gundrum’s side room to Nick Stoffel, and Ben and Ryan Moeller.

I, Emily Wolf, will my one share of Gundrum’s side room to my sister, Teresa Wolf.

I, Christian Young, will my P250 sand dune FT to Erik Umhoefer. Trade it well.

I will one crystal of salt to Ryan Moeller.

I will my share of Gundrum’s side room to Ben Moeller.

Use these items well. ~Dusky

I, Heidi DeCaluwe, will Nicole Carlson the TA desk. I bestow upon you the rights only the TA can give, and that is the rights to Mr. Hamm's desk. It was given to me last year from Tia, and I think you are the next person ready for those rights, and what being a TA means.

I, Megan Johnson, will Alyna Reiter passion. You once said that you wanted to have the passion that I had for Student Council, here I'm giving it to you. But the thing is passion doesn't come from another person, it comes from yourself, and you'll find it someday Alyna.

I, Anna Strong, will Katy Dano the marching band flip folder. I leave this with you so that it may bring you as much pain as it did to me but also for my love of marching band so take good care of it for me.

I, Morgan Duley, will Mr. Hansen's Office Chair to Dan Schmitke. It is a coarse, short, stout pivoting cream colored chair with wood accents on wheels. It leans far back to relax when desired, if your weight is properly balanced. “A true friend encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big, easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world.” (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.) This chair was my escape from anything and everything. Not to mention, it was also the perfect height for my feet to rest evenly on the floor. Please respect it and chairish it always.

I, Kailey Dynes, will Emma Nye the large senior volleyball locker. Taking you under my wing during your transition into not only Slinger High School, but the varsity volleyball team has made my senior year one to remember. We're just about the dumbest people out there but I'm stoked to say you assisted in making my senior year a year to remember, on and off the court. Love you always carc! Best of luck in the upcoming season, and your senior year!

I, Brendan Bishop, will Ryan Moeller edgy memes. Enjoy my friend.

I, Kylie Coffin, will Maddie Hoitink my role as most experienced editor of the "Nite Crier.” With your dependability and passion for Slinger's news-blog, I know I'm leaving the "Nite Crier" in the hands of a great senior leader!

I will my place as the shortest (awesomest) member of the tennis team to Kaitlyn Loff and Grace Taylor. Have a great season & a fun senior year!!

I will Ben Pardon my overwhelming school spirit. I know how you love pep and dress up days!:)

I will Evan Sievers whatever his heart desires (within reason and the school building) because he is simply the awesomest! I’ll miss you, Ev-Dawg!

I, Mike Bieser, will the jumble of tubing to Augie Beyer, in the hope that he shall ever find it peculiar. I also will the low brass section to Ben Moeller, that he may have a taste of ultimate power (or thereabouts).

I, Haley Wasserman will Claire Breitenbach this packet of beans. You have probably put two and two together as to why I am giving you a measly, 25 cents group of beans, but in case you’re still confused I’ll explain. My family and I have taken up the tradition of calling you “our little bean“ because of your exceeding cuteness. As we grew closer, that nickname took on more meaning, for right now, you ARE a little bean. Claire, although you are truly radiant, you have not blossomed yet! You may be growing, but you are not complete… Maybe you're at the small bean sprout stage. But your time to shine is yet to come. There is more to life than high school, in fact high school is just the beginning. As you experience the world never forget where your roots are, and always be thankful for your past. When the day comes that you do blossom completely, I hope I am there to see it. Be you, be strong, be courageous. Love always, H-Wass aka haleybales97.

I, Elly Foerster, will Casey Osterburg Hannah. You are to watch over your “daughter” (Hannah) during the school year. Please kick anyone’s butt that hurts your daughter in any sort of way. I don’t care if it is a small child, still hurt them. She will need some Fill & Chill dates along with money for Fill & Chill dates. Another request is to make sure Hannah and yourself visit “ma” and Elly. Please help her as much as you can in math… She is a very lazy math student. Please put up with all her weird stories and all her horse crap she does!

It’s a shocker that I, Allison Daw, will my drum cubby to Michael Kurzendoerfer. I hope it reminds you of me throughout the year whenever you see the baby bass drum. Don’t eat too many gummy bears without me and Snapchat me all of your guys’ shenanigans next year. Thanks for being an awesome partner in crime for 2 years.

I, Brett Reader, will a Blue Phone Box to Jozi Schneider. It’s a tall blue phone box, tends to disappear randomly and looks like it belongs in London. Blue Box may or may not be capable of time travel. I wouldn't know. I lost the key.

I, Michael Vlasak, will a blue marker (it’s a marker...that’s blue!) that was previously owned by one M.H. to Declan Gundrum, Jacob Storrs, Ben Moeller, Ryan Moeller, Jacob Bunzel, Alec Nelson, Brian Jasperson, John German, Teresa Wolf, Nicholas Storrs, Jared Jasperson, Nick Stoffel, Liam McConnolly, Jacob Starr, Jenny Boehlke, Cliff Wood, Mitch Kitzinger, Dan Foster, Bryce Ruefner, Connor Zapfel, Emily Haluzak, Erik Umhoefer, Mitchell Duley, Nick Rasimus, and Nolen Hansen.