2019 Senior Wills

Post date: Jun 4, 2019 11:21:27 AM

I Rachel Muhl will Everyone Who Wasn't Willed Anything the best of luck and success for a happy high school experience and future. I hope anyone who sees this has a great time during high school. Just remember to keep calm. The future is not as daunting as you might think.

I, Nick Poweleit, will Bobby Cleary the number 76, my football number. Have fun and good luck in the future Bobby.

I, Kiya Sinclair, will Kale Sinclair the title of The Coolest Sinclair Family Member. It is the legacy that I have begun for the Sinclair Family and it can finally be passed down to the next sibling in line. It entails being a role model for the siblings to come while also being awesome at the same time. It may seem like a daunting task and I doubt that you'll even read this, but the family name is in your hands now, so don't let us down (or you'll have to sleep outside again).

I, Evan Sievers, will Brady Krueger the Cross Country Meme Page, The location of the sauciest memes in relation to Slinger Cross Country. Big Brady, on behalf of Slinger Cross Country, I will you this meme page, the name of which I will not include in this message to you. I leave it to you, Big Brady, to take my creation and make it something beyond this world, beyond all possibility. It will be the dankest, sauciest, edgiest page that ever was. Use it and use it well, Big Brady. I know you will. <3 rawr XD ~Evan

I, Jane Shaub, will Taylor Loomans and Jack Summers, the Student Council Presidency, the role of leading our SHS Student Council. It has been so wonderful working with you both over the past 3 years, and I am so excited for your upcoming year as Co-Presidents! I know you will be amazing leaders and do so well! :)

I, Samuel Schodron, will Nolan Fehrman my superior programming skills. Do what I couldn't do pal.

I Aaron Simays will Brady Krueger my varsity spot. Keep running over the summer. Beat my times. Run fast.

I Eddie Inchaurregui will Adella Knight my courage. In receiving this, you will have the courage to proceed through high school halls with enough confidence to continue forward in any form, whether that's making or completing a decision, keeping your head up high, or sharing a smile with a passerby in the hallway. How you use it is your choice. Actions speak louder than words. Have courage and faith to do your very best.

I, Michaela Carey, will Taylor Loomans my heart. It’s all yours, love ya girly.

I, Kortni Elliot, will Lexi Kossow Girls Golf Leadership/Captain to carry on the tradition of Slinger's Girls Golf Team and lead the team with honor. I remember meeting you your freshman year when you joined the girls golf team. Immediately the coaches and everyone else knew you were going to dominate the course, being the only freshman to play up on varsity. It's been an honor to play with you for my last two years of high school AND a great honor to call you my friend, all because of golf. So that being said, I am passing down the leadership position of Slinger's Girls Golf Team knowing that you'll lead and carry on the team that I was able to start. I know you are going to do amazing things with the team and I can't wait to come back to watch you and the team all play. Good luck!

I, Chloe Schmidt, will Lukas Schmidt the position as favorite child- oh wait, you already have that.

I Sophie Haugen will, Jonie Jagelski the French Horn Section. The power of the twisty trumpet will now in his hands. The whole section will rest on his capable shoulders. Jonie, you are a magnificent man that will lead the future french horns to victory. You’re my idol, and the only person that’s capable of leading the French horns. I love you.

I Alexis Warshall will Julian Johanson a creepy drawing of some ice cream. Add this to the gofundme.

I, Ethan Szamocki, will Bradley Brewer the King Owl passed on from last year. Have fun with the nickname.

I, Megan Michaelchuck, will Maddy Erdmann chamber pearls, a necklace known to be worn by choir students by Chamber Singers. Maddy Erdmann, last year I received Chamber Pearls from Katie Jaques who received them from Megan Cichon, and now I continue the tradition with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful light in my life, and inspiring me to try new things and be a better person. You are strong and beautiful. I hope you enjoy your senior year in choir! Until We Meet Again, Megan Michaelchuck.

I, Paige Fassbender, will Hannah Kurth pre-race prayers before each cross country race you run with the team. I've seen the incredible leadership you've developed on the girls team these past few years. I know you have the determination and character to bring this incoming team to great places! Love you, man!

We, Taylor Hopkins, Kate Hill, and Megan Horinek will Olivia Clark the Science Olympiad Presidency. This means you now reign over the science nerds. This includes the late night stress, early morning donuts, Marquette High School boys, the Twitter page, Gundrum's shenanigans, and a great thing to brag about on your college applications. Use it wisely, like we (sometimes) did.

I, Sabrina Rick, will Ezra Carlson Alliance, the social club promoting equality. I am sending this will to you (and to the rest of the members) in order to grant you all best wishes on your future journeys!

I Sabrina Rick, will Anthony George Anime Club. A social club that bonds over our interest in Anime and other related topics. This goes to not just Anthony, but to every other member of our club. I hope you guys manage to be more active than Natalie and I ended up being. We wish you luck in finding a new teacher to host, and in making new bonds with future members!

I, Alyssa Koepke, will Katy Anderson SkillsUSA. I leave you SkillsUSA, the best club in Slinger High School. Take care of her and lead with pride. I've trained you well, now make me proud.

I, Rebekah Ash, will Rory Macha to be Mr. Graziano's Favorite Student. Being Mr. Graziano's favorite student, or his biggest annoyance.

I, Damek Whitewolf, will Tobias Hill Hernandez the title of leading tenor. The highest rank I can give... also the only rank I can give.

I, Carlene Konrath will Halle Wagner and Paige Pfeifer Bokath's disappointment. I leave you to Saturday morning practices scraping snow off the track, shin splints, Bokath’s never-ending remarks to run on your toes, and practices of doing absolutely nothing. You two will be great leaders to all incoming hurdlers. Make the best of your last years, run fast and break records.

I Allison Cleary will Jenna Fredericks the stage managing headset used for the musical. I will my stage manager headset to the amazing Jenna, I can’t wait to see all you talent for next years show, Mary Poppins, and how you run everything behind the scenes. I’m so proud of you already, you’re going to do amazing things lovely!!!

I Alexis Warshal will Adella Knight my will to live. A shred of my will to exist. Please take care of it, its a lil broken but still