SHS Marching Band entertains community with indoor concert.

Post date: Nov 15, 2019 8:16:35 PM

By: Olivia Kreft, Staff Writer

Posted November 15th, 2019

On November 6, 2019, at 7 pm the best show ever came to slinger! The indoor marching band concert was an amazing finale for the high school performances of this year. The performance brought Hawaii songs, football toons, and senior members giving introductions to the band.

This concert was one of the many meaningful concerts to the band because this normally ends the marching season till spring. Yet, this year the marching band has a greater opportunity yet to be experienced. They are going to Hawaii!

The concert was a dedication to all of our football tunes that were rehearsed over and over again until almost perfect, as well as tunes that our color guard performed to Sucker as a senior piece and Party Rock Anthem for the feature of the color guard. The color guard of 2019-2020 is lead by captains Caitlin Schlict and Brooke Kiefer. They did an amazing job with all of their routines!

Another big part of the show was exhibiting what tunes we will be playing in Hawaii. After waiting 3 years, it is time for a trip and we have been invited back to Hawaii to play at Pearl Harbor and Thanksgiving events. The band would like to thank the directors Mr. Kiekhafer and Mr. Westley for all the dedication and time they put towards our achievements.

The band would also like to thank the drum majors selected at the end of last year that directed the band during performances and in class. Nolan Miller, Olivia Kreft, and Sydnee Masters are huge role models for the band. They display great leadership and dedication to the band. "THANK Y'ALL" as the band requested.

The band puts so much time and effort into the performances and practice daily. This makes the band sound and looks as it is because the students in the band are dedicated. The marching band in Slinger is a second family to so many people. Check out the indoor marching band highlights below: