Slinger-Allenton Rotary Club Celebrates 50 Years

Post date: Mar 28, 2016 3:47:39 AM

By: Kate Wallschlaeger, Opinions Editor

Posted October 21st, 2015

Fifty years ago, ambitious members of the community joined together to begin the Slinger-Allenton Rotary Club. Their purpose was and remains to be to support the community and fulfill the needs of its people. As spoken through their maxim, “Service Above Self,” these leaders genuinely consider and act upon the best interests of the community.

Joined by their generosity and desire to serve others, the Rotarians better the community through their local projects. Landmarks such as the Rotary Ice Skating Rink, Ruckel Park Pavilion and baseball field lights, and Community Park Pavilion and parking lot were all brought from ideas to reality by the Slinger-Allenton Rotary Club. Furthermore, the Rotary is a supporter of the Honours, Inc. scholarships and the Slinger Fire Department standby generator.

Perhaps less noticed but no less important, they are a contributor to the incredibly well-equipped technology education department at Slinger High School. The environment they have helped to build enables students to become confident and skilled in engineering and vocational trades.

The impact of the Rotary extends beyond the local level through their international projects. As a part of their efforts to better health conditions for people worldwide, the Rotary supports Guatemalan medical clinics, the construction of water wells in Haiti, and the Polio Plus organization whose goal is to globally eradicate polio. As a closer connection between the community and world, the Rotary aids the student exchange program.

As an essential step within the process from idea to reality, the Rotary holds various fundraisers throughout the year. Comedy Night with John McGivern will be held at the Schauer Center on February 3, 2016. And the Golf Outing will be held at the West Bend Country Club on June 6, 2016. All who wish to come are welcome.

It is one thing to look back on past accomplishments with pride. It is another to see those same accomplishments and find inspiration for those of the future. The Slinger-Allenton Rotary Club has strengthened the community for the past fifty years and will only continue to do so.