Snowball 2017: A beautiful experience!

Post date: Feb 9, 2017 12:46:33 PM

By: Madeline Hoitink, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted February 9th, 2017

On January 28, 2017, Slinger High School hosted their annual Snowball dance. The theme of Rooftop Garden was beautiful and included multiple locations for couples and groups of friends to take photos. With the help of the Snowball Court and Slinger High School’s Student Council, the decorations were a great addition to the night. In the week prior to the dance, tickets were sold at lunch. Students who bought their tickets before Friday were entered in a drawing for a limo ride. Ethan Kivela won this contest and took his date and some of this other friends on the best ride to the dance. About 300 students attended the dance, with 100 couple tickets sold and 100 single’s tickets sold. All students attending the dance were allowed to vote for a couple on Court as King and Queen. Congratulations to all of the Court members who represented their sports and organizations!

King Jacob Amidon & Queen Claire Breitenbach

Deven Mason & Alea Marecek

Todd Prange & Nicole Wendelberger

Nikolas Rasimus & Shania Martinez

Brian Jasperson & Renee Wagner

Mitch Duley & Hannah Strachan

Adam Grudzinski & Lindsey Retzer

Cade Miller & Abigail Verhunce

Brady Tamborino & Emma Ney

Jacob Storrs & Jenny Boehlke

Nicholas Storrs & Erin Keliher

Alex Jordan & Alexandrea DuPont