The 2020 Senior Wills

Post date: Jun 5, 2020 1:22:39 PM

The 2020 Senior Wills

I, Sydnee Masters, will Griffin Dietrich the role of drum major. Now that I’m gone, I trust you to take care of the band as the next drum major and keep them in line.

I, Danielle Shomler, will Skylar Crisp the encouragement to do great in art class and school in general.

I, Danielle Shomler, will Skylar Crisp the encouragement to do great in science class and every class going forward.

I, Bradley Brewer, will Aydan Dautermann the King Owl, an award given to a gifted athlete with a big future. Big things are coming for you. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Don't let anybody tell you “No” because they don't know the work you've put into the game you love. Make your mom proud, Bro. Much love!

I, Tyler Ott, will Jonah Jagielski the broken forks in an undisclosed gym locker. It is an undisclosed (only because I can't remember the number) blue gym locker full of broken plastic cafeteria forks and other odd paraphernalia found on the cross country and track long runs. It's all yours, Chief. You earned it.

I, Ethan Schmidt, will Tyson Miller the Babata Bay Boys flag, the official flag of the Babata Bay Boys, an unofficial club founded in 2018 by members of the Slinger High School JV cross country team. The club aspires to preach the JV mindset and bring the team together for post-meet B-Dubs trips.

I, Madelyn Erdmann, will Anna Hill Hernandez Chamber pearls, which are used to pass on leadership. Megan Chion willed these pearls to Katie Jaques, who willed them to Megan Michaelchuck, who willed them to me. I want to give these pearls to you to continue this tradition of these pearls representing hard work and strength in choir and in someone’s life. I know you will continue this tradition and give these to someone who is as kind and beautifully minded as you.

I, Colby Hora, will Tanner Hora the Lettuce Club presidency. May you find a location for this honored tradition.

I, Andrew Weber, will Hunter Ott the Slinger Ski Team Instagram: @slingerski. I will you this Instagram account in order to keep the team spirit alive and to promote your future successes to the public. Use it well, and I will be watching next season ;).

I, Heinz Walther, will Ethan Henneberry the Weld Fab team lead. You're in charge of getting two guys and making a team that you feel can win Slinger another gold at SkillsUSA State so that you can head to Nationals! We haven't had a year when we haven't been in the top 5, and we got 2020 taken from us. It's your job to get the gold back! You got this, Big Guy, do us proud. (P.S. You should run for officer; you'd love it).

I, Heinz Walther, will Brady Jackson the Hartford Soccer game ball. Get the ball AND the dub this year!

I, Heinz Walther, will Grant Ruback the position of Fishing Team captain. You're gonna be the new face and lead of our fishing team, Buddy! Do me proud, My Guy, and go catch some Big Mouth Billy Bass!

I, Madalynn Ritger, will Aramie Ritger the role of “the disappointing teenager of the family.” Now that I’m going to college, you get to be the rebellious teenager of the house. :) Cut the parents some slack, though. They had enough trouble with me.

I, Olivia Clark, will Sean Hill and Claire Pitrof the Science Olympiad Presidency. This title means that you now reign over the science nerds. Guide them well and lead them to victory. Prepare yourselves for the last minute cramming, the early morning gatherings accompanied by donuts and SunnyD, the Oregon Tree Rivalry, and the mischief-filled competitions. Also, prepare for the unexpected. Whether it be Gundrum's normal trickery or the windshield wiper of the vehicle you're in magically popping out of place, the presidency always seems to throw something hilariously strange your way. Oh, and one last thing: BEAT MARQUETTE!