The Pros and Cons of an Internship

Post date: Oct 26, 2018 11:45:12 AM

By: Chloe Schmidt, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted October 26th, 2018

I’ve recently started an internship instead of taking an average class and it’s one of the best decisions of my life! Here I list the pros and cons to doing an internship. My internship is at the middle school with a seventh grade teacher, Mr. Walter, because I want to be either a middle or high school teacher for my career.

The best pro is the learning experience. Doing this internship helped me confirm that yes, I do want to be a teacher. That’s the main purpose of the internship. Another pro is that it’ll help colleges and scholarships see I am confident with my choice as a career and I’m doing things to prepare for it. The last pro is that you get to see the behind-the-scenes of the career you’ll be going into. For instance, I get to see the lesson plans and how teachers decide who to focus on and interact with.

A con is the hours. You have to get around forty hours a month, but they’re flexible with that. However, in an instance like teaching, schools are only open on weekdays and the hours end when school ends. Another con is that it takes a while to get used to it. Doing an internship is very realistic and an adult-like thing to do, so it takes a while to handle and get used to.

Those are the pros and cons! I would 10/10 recommend doing an internship if you have an idea of what you want to get into for a career. It’s an amazing learning experience.