A tale of romance under the sea in The Shape of Water.

Post date: Feb 6, 2018 7:15:09 PM

By Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted February 6th, 2018

The Shape of Water is about two janitorial workers, Elisa (played by Sally Hawkins) a mute and Zelda (played by Octavia Spencer) a black woman who work in a science lab that gets a new creature; a fishman (played by Doug Jones). While cleaning the lab of the fishman, Elisa starts to communicate with the creature and develops a relationship. As their relationship continues to grow, they have to transport the fishman out of the hands of Richard Strickland (played by Michael Shannon) the head of security in the lab. So Elisa has to keep the fishman away from Strickland and hopefully release the creature into the ocean.

The Shape of Water is a creative love story. The acting is great especially Sally Hawkins who develops the character during her silent performances. The Fishman looks amazing and Doug Jones does an excellent jobs in portraying this character. The set design and costumes fit with the 50s feel of the film and makes it stand out from the of the movies available today. The weakness of the film is that Elisa‘s and the fishman’s relation can get weird at certain moments. The Shape of Water gets 9/10 stars.