A Tuesday Book Review: Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

Post date: Mar 28, 2016 2:55:09 AM

By: Mariah Flynn, Staff Writer

Posted September 15th, 2015

Kelsey Hayes, a seventeen year old high school graduate finds herself looking for a job at a local temporary job office in Oregon. She has been assigned to work at a small family-run circus called Circus Maurizio with a group of dogs and a white tiger! Kelsey connects with the white tiger called Dhiren. One day while working at the circus, a strange man approaches her and asks about purchasing Dhiren. The man claims that his employer owns a tiger sanctuary in India and that he wants Dhiren in the sanctuary. Plans are made for Dhiren to travel to India, but last minute plans are made and Kelsey is invited to come help with the handling of Dhiren. Little does she know that the tiger has a deep and ancient secret. He’s really a Prince from the ancient Indian kingdom of Mujulaain! Kelsey is led into the thick tropical forests of India to find a hut belonging to an old hermit named Phet. At this hut, Ren finally reveals his secret to Kelsey and they set off, girl and tiger, to break THE TIGER’S CURSE and along the way they may find love and learn the hardships of sacrifice. I chose this book to review because there’s a love triangle hidden within the story that puts a twist on things here and there. I’m not going to say who is all caught up in the triangle because it would give away some of the story, but what I will say is that Colleen Houck did an amazing job portraying the internal conflicts that everyone has when faced with a huge decision. She also added in global components and mythical creatures to turn the story into a romantic fantasy novel.