Classical energy and folk the theme of the mid winter band concert

Post date: Apr 3, 2016 8:36:12 PM

By: Madeline Hoitink, Co Editor-in-Chief

Posted February 22nd, 2016

On Wednesday night, the Slinger bands put on a wonderful performance for all of their family and friends in the Slinger High School auditorium. It was the first concert after the referendum for new facilities was passed, which will positively impact the band program. The freshmen Concert Band performed first, followed by the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Concert Band, directed by Mr. Buehler, played three songs--Invention No. 1, The Emerald Isle, and Rage. The songs showed the band’s ability to play a wide variety of musical selections. Their finale, Rage, was directed by student teacher Ms. Herbert and was a very strong, contemporary, and unique piece to end their portion of the night.

Mr. Buehler’s Symphonic Band also performed three songs, which included Fanfare and Flourishes, Folk Song Suite, and Marche de Belgian Paratrooper. Fanfare and Flourishes was a great concert-opener with its bold and powerful brass fanfares and brilliant woodwind flourishes. Folk Song Suite consisted of three movements: March (Seventeen Come Sunday), Intermezzo (My Bonny Boy) and another March (Folk Songs from Somerset). Finally, Marche de Belgian Paratrooper was a wonderful end to the performance, as this march is immensely popular.

Wind Ensemble, directed Mr. Kieckhafer, ended the night with four captivating songs, A Copland Tribute, Stars and Stripes Forever, Blessed Are They, and Vesuvius. A Copland Tribute opened the performance with demanding percussion and trumpet solos from the popular Fanfare of the Common Man. Stars and Stripes Forever was directed by student teacher Ms. Herbert and was a tune that kept the audience humming for days. Blessed Are They was a “German Requiem” with amazing depth and beauty, and Vesuvius’ 400 measures proved to be a perfect end to the night.

The new referendum includes a new auditorium and expansion of the band and choir areas of Slinger High School. Although the Slinger community was split over the issue (the vote for a new auditorium was very close), the students are very excited about the new facilities, which will greatly benefit the band, choir, and drama programs, as well as the Slinger community in general. Wednesday’s performance showed the students’ and faculties’ dedication to their art and proved that they deserve more up-to-date facilities for their work and performances.