Marvel’s Great Movie Success: Deadpool

Post date: Apr 3, 2016 8:43:19 PM

By: Connor Wojcieszak, Staff Writer

Posted February 25th, 2016

Deadpool, everyone’s favorite mercenary with a mouth, has finally gotten his own movie, and turns out it’s a hit! The movie Deadpool follows the life of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), ex-military operative turned mercenary as everything he knows changes. The story unfolds as Wade Wilson finally finds Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), a woman with a crazy, wacky personality that matches his own. Things suddenly change pace as Wade is diagnosed with cancer and he tries everything to stay alive. Having no other alternative, Wade accepts an invitation to be a test subject for an underground medical operation attempting to turn people into superheroes. After going through intense torture and experimentation by the antagonist Ajax (Ed Skrein), Wade receives rapid regeneration to counter the cancer but is mutilated and becomes mentally unstable. These events create the hilarious but deadly alter-ego Deadpool, whose purpose is to hunt down Ajax for what he was put through while also cracking some amazing jokes along the way.

It’s great to see that Marvel has gone through great lengths to make Deadpool a success, and the public would agree, as Deadpool has now beat out all of the competition in box office sales coming in at an insane $300 million in just the debut, crushing other top titles such as The Revenant and Zoolander 2. It is also the first R-rated movie to exceed $100 million, making a mark in cinematic history. Although not for every age group, Deadpool makes its way into the heart’s of the viewers through the use of raunchy humour and well-timed jokes, and movie critics agree that the movie was a hit, with movie critics such as Rotten Tomatoes coming in with an 8.4/10 and iMDb with an 8.6/10.

Anyone old enough to see this movie will be pleasantly surprised to find that it has great acting, as much as it does quick-paced action and a massive amount of humour. See it in theatres while you still can so that you and a few friends can remember the surprising hit that is Deadpool.