New Message From Me (a poem)

Post date: Jan 31, 2020 1:14:07 PM

By: Abby Walter, Staff Writer

Posted January 31st, 2020

New Message From Me

Texts to myself are new recipes,

chocolate raspberry cupcakes

with Greek yogurt frosting.

My brothers hear the Kitchenaid mixer and yell,

“Are you making healthy food again?

Texts to myself are odds and ends,

snippets of poems not yet written,

“Her wedding ring slides to the left

whenever she plays a G,”

and ‘the trees looked as if

they had been dipped in confectioners glaze.

I text myself rough drafts,

messages I hope to someday send

but they’re just a little too wordy

for a babysitting client,

a little too sappy

for a friend.

Texts to myself stay in the safety

of my messages app,

reminding me of the last thought

to spin through my head,

an idea that might finally be ready to send.